Knife Sharpener (2-Stage)

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About this Knife Sharpener

  • REVIVE, RESTORE AND FINE TUNE YOUR KNIVES We all need our knives to perform their best. This handheld 2 stage knife sharpener is the easiest and fastest way to restore that sharp, shiny edge your knives need for top performance. All you have to do is pull your knife through the sharpener to get the edge back! Plus, the black and chrome color scheme will look great in your kitchen.
  • PUT A FRESH EDGE ON THE DULLEST KNIFE Say goodbye to the dull edges in your life. It takes just a few swipes to experience beautifully sharpened knives. The coarse slot revives dull or damaged blades, while the ceramic slot hones and polishes the blade to fine perfection. The non-slip padded bottom keeps the sharpener steady on any surface. Smart design nestles comfortably in any drawer or counter top.
  • TOTAL TIME SAVER It's way more fun to slice, chop, mince and prep with a sharp knife. Enjoy your time in the kitchen doing what you love, instead of dealing with dull, ineffective knives. Turn your worst knife into your sharpest, most reliable kitchen friend. Works great on scissors!
  • SAVE THAT MONEY Salvage your old set of knives and scissors instead of spending a small fortune on a new set. You can sharpen all your dull hunting, kitchen or pocket knives and restore them back to their full glory. Decade-old knives have been revived in a few seconds with this versatile sharpener. Don't take our word for it, try this sharpener and if it does not sharpen your knife, we will refund you in full no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How would you sharpen scissors?

Answer: Open the scissors all the way, put the sharpener at the edge of a counter, and carefully sharpen! Would get most of the cutting surfaces sharpened.

Question: I'm left handed. Can sharpener be turned around so that I'm holding handle with right hand?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does this work on serrated knives?

Answer: Yes it works well with serrated knives. However do not use the "Coarse" slot, only use the "Fine" slot.


Questions & Answers

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  • Can I buy the replacement two stage sharpener component without buying the entire unit. It looks like the actual sharpen is removable.

    Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about it. Please send us an email at to better assist you with it. Thank you!

  • where are the pink ones? One reason I love Zulay products is they come in the sweetest light pink color. PERFECT in my home & heart. Pink gives me great sense of comfort.

    Hi! We appreciate your continuous support. I'm sorry to say that many of the colors are currently unavailable because of the high demand. You may get back to us after a month. Please let us know if you have other concerns.