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Cut Resistant Gloves Food Grade Level 5 Protection


Fabric Type Polyethylene, Spandex, Fiberglass
Material Spandex, High Performance Polyethylene, Fiberglass
Size Small, Medium, Large
Material Type Free Food Grade Polyethylene, Glass Fibre and Spandex
Age Range (Description) Adult


  • Polyethylene, Spandex, Fiberglass
  • Superior Hand Protection: Made with incredibly durable fabric. Constructed with the highest cut resistance cloth available to date. Specially designed for both the best hand safety and comfort. Passed the EN388 test, it is Level 5 cut resistant.
  • 4x Stronger Than Leather Gloves: Protect your fingers from accidental cuts you get when using a knife, mandolin, or grater. Perfect for kitchen and outdoor uses such as shucking oysters, cutting meat, dicing vegetables, slicing with a mandolin, gardening, and more.
  • Ambidextrous Design: Can be worn on either the right or left hand. Offers a comfortable and breathable grip perfectly suited for tasks where hand flexibility and dexterity are required. Suitable for men and women.
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain: You can clean these gloves by hand washing or using a washing machine with mild detergent. Note: Do not use iron or machine dryer to prevent damage or shrinkage. Air drying is recommended.
  • No Hassle, Zulay Guarantee: We back our products with a lifetime warranty.

Superior Hand Protection

  • Premium quality fabric
  • Level 5 cut resistant
  • Snug fit protective gloves

4x Stronger Than Leather Gloves

  • Protect your fingers from accidental cuts
  • You can now have the confidence to cut, slice, and chop without the risk of injury
  • Reusable gloves perfect for women, men, chef and more

Ambidextrous Design

  • Reversible cut proof gloves kitchen
  • Comfortable and breathable  cut gloves
  • Suited for tasks where hand flexibility and dexterity are required
  • Alternative to gardening mesh gloves, fishing gloves or guantes de tela corte carne
  • Does not include wood carving gloves, electrician gloves, electrical medium gloves, large durable woodworking warehouse gloves, sewing gloves & waterproof serving gloves
  • Does not include butcher knife, small size steel cooking knives, mandoline handle, cloves slicer, pink door opener tool & extra magnets

Easy To Clean & Maintain

  • Can be clean by either hand wash or washing machine
  • Air drying is recommended
  • Note:  Do not use iron or machine dryer to prevent damage or shrinkage
  • Can be used as  kitchen cutting gloves, oyster shucking glove, fish handling cleaning gloves, pulling meat gloves, fillet slicing gloves & filleting preparation removal gloves for prepping food supplies, knife gloves, cut gloves kitchen