Magia Super Automatic Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

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Customizing Your Drink

To create tailor-made drinks open the settings on the Magia display by tapping the 3 bar icon in the top right corner. On the next screen select General Settings and then select Coffee Drink Customization. Now simply find and select the specific drink you would like to customize.

For stronger coffee, select a higher amount of coffee grounds and lessen the amount of liquid (via the sliding scale). Changing the ratio of coffee to milk froth can change the strength of the coffee. With a little experimentation, you can get your perfect drink every time.

Other ways to increase the strength of your coffee or to customize your drinks:

  1. Use darker roasted beans and increase the fineness of the grind by turning the knob in the bean hopper counter-clockwise. 
  2. Water temperature also affects the quality of the flavor extracted from the ground beans. The higher the temperature of the water the faster it will extract. 
  3. The quantity of water will also affect the strength of your brew, the more water the weaker it will be.

Milk Temperature

For those that love an extra hot Milk Foam with their Latte or Cappuccino, we recommend heating your milk foam AFTER it has been made is best to ensure the best quality. This is because the ideal temperature to make milk foam for coffee is 140 F - 155 F and trying to make milk foam at higher temperature can burn the milk and create a bad taste. 

Tip: Make your Latte or Cappuccino first, then separately make your milk foam by selecting Milk Foam from the Main Menu. Take the Milk Foam and warm it up a little on a stove or Microwave and then add the Hot Milk Foam directly to your coffee. 

Note: If milk gets too hot the froth will not be good because the bubbles will be too soft to hold their shape and air. Milk can also scald or burn which makes the taste bad.

Coffee Temperature

In the Customizing Your Drink page, find and select the specific drink you would like to change the temperature of, this will change the temperature of the coffee for the drink that you selected.

Increasing the Liquid Volume of Coffee slider will also result in a hotter drink, as the larger volume will result in a hotter coffee. Additionally, increasing the Milk Froth time will result in hotter milk. 

A good rule of thumb is that the more coffee there is, the hotter it will be. 

An additional tip is to use the warming plate on top of the machine just behind the display where cups can be warmed so that you can use a warm cup with your coffee.

Preventing Overflow

If the drink starts to overflow the cup, press the "X" button at the bottom of the screen to stop the drink. To prevent this from happening in the future, see "Customizing Your Drinks" above for how to change the settings of drinks to change the volume of coffee, milk and foam to fit your cups.

Making Stronger Coffee

In the Customizing Your Drink page, increase the coffee powder used and the reduce the liquid volume of coffee. Additionally, you can turn the grind setting knob to the left to make the grounds finer, which will make the coffee stronger. Using dark roast coffee beans will also result in a stronger coffee. 


Pucks Are Wet

The most likely cause of overly wet or watery coffee pucks is not enough grounds being expressed.  If using whole beans, make sure that beans are feeding freely down the bean hopper.  Sometimes an abnormally large bean or a sideways bean can create a jam. By using clean and dry hands or, something like a chopstick, stir and dislodge any stuck beans. We do recommend that you unplug the machine BEFORE putting your hand in the machine. 

Caution: The grinder cover is fragile and will break if pried on so be gentle with it. 

TIP: You can hear when the beans aren't getting to the grinder sufficiently as it will have a high pitched, possibly unsettling, whine instead of the satisfying, crunching sound the grinding makes when getting the correct supply of beans.

The machine may also need cleaning especially if the beans used have a high oil content, as this can affect the grinder.  You can clean the brewer out by going to the General Settings and clicking Clean Brewer.

Brew Group Issues

The most common issue is getting the brew group back in the Magia after taking it out for cleaning. To do this please refer to the user manual and follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure that the Brew Group is put in the Standard position, as per the below photos.
  2. Slide the Brew Group back into the machine by making sure that it is in the track grooves. Once this is in, you should hear a “click” when the Brew Group is locked back into place.
  3. If this did not happen, you should call customer service to assist you further.

Coffee Not Strong Enough

The first few cups of coffee may be watery because the system is adjusting. After brewing the first 5 cups of coffee, it will consistently brew proper strength coffee. Additionally, the brand of coffee beans that you use may affect the strength. Make sure that you have good high quality beans, we recommend a medium or dark roast. Additionally, it is important to make sure they’re properly sealed and stored before putting them into the machine to preserve freshness.

Turning The Machine Off

Go to the settings page via the 3 bar menu on the top right of the screen and tap the "Power Off/On" icon. The Magia will ask you to confirm that the Milk System tube is in clean water and you need to confirm this. Once this is done the machine will do an auto clean function and then fully shut down. You can also unplug your machine as well but please make this is done only when your machine is not in the middle of another process as interrupting the machine can cause problems later when using the machine. 

Machine Asking for a Code

You may have selected the "Factory Settings" not the "Factory Reset" Button. Please tap “Factory Reset” icon  if you want to reset it. The “Factory Settings” is only used by our Customer Service and Quality Control team for repairs and analysis. 

Machine Not Turning On

Check that the plug is correctly attached to the socket of the unit and that it is properly plugged into an active outlet. The “Intro Screen” will show once the power is restored.

Issues with Milk Foam or Milk Froth

The tube or the milk system attachment likely needs to be unclogged. Grasp the hose by the plastic end and pull it out of the milk system attachment. Pinch the hose next to the plastic end and pull and wiggle the plastic end off the hose. Push the long, skinny brush included with the Magia into the hose back and forth from both ends then run hot water through the hose until it is clean and the water flows freely and clearly though the hose. Clean the plastic end using the wire brush and hot water then carefully re-attach the end to the hose. Put it back together and put the end of the hose into a cup of water, then make a hot milk drink. Make hot milk drinks until the water comes out clear and in a steady stream from both milk holes.

The milk system attachment could also be clogged. Remove it by squeezing it on both sides to release the locking clips and pulling down. Using the wire brush, clean out the bottom spouts and a paperclip to clean out the top holes (do not push hard or you risk damaging the assembly) then rinse it out. Reassemble and (with the hose in a cup of water) make hot milk drinks through it until clear and 2 nice streams of water come out the spouts.

Tip: You can check to make sure the hose is attached by pulling on it very lightly, it should not come off from a light pull if fully seated into position. Use the cleaning option weekly depending on use for maintenance, keeping in mind your Magia does a routine cleaning cycle every time it turns on.

For an even better milk foam experience, we recommend using whole milk, 2% milk, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk, but there are many variables in quality, fat and protein. In short, trying different milks until you find one that works for you will likely be necessary. Using Heavy Cream or Whipping Cream can damage the Milk System over time due to the high density of these milks. 

Descaling the Machine

When descaling is due, you will be presented with a screen that alerts you about the machine descaling. On this screen you have the option to proceed with the descaling by pressing “Ok” or not to proceed by pressing the “Back” arrow. It is advised to descale the machine frequently. While doing this, you should key an eye on the machine in order to refill the water tank and empty the cup. The descaling cycle can take up to 30-45 mins depending on what is needed to maintain your machine. 

Drip Tray
We recommend that you check the drip tray often to prevent overfilling and spillage. Also you can reduce the amount of auto cleaning your machine does by going into the General Settings, then Automatic Cleaning Settings and changing how often your machine auto cleans. This will greatly reduce the amount of water that goes into the drip tray.
You can also place a cup on the drip tray to catch the cleaning water