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Christmas! This is a beautiful season to share and the Zulay Kitchen family presents gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas 2022!

Christmas Gift Guide 2022


Christmas! This is a beautiful season to share and the Zulay Kitchen family presents gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas 2022. They are gifts that will make their day-to-day life easier and what better time than the Christmas holidays to give them a token of affection through a very good gift! You deserve the best. This is not just something we say, but something we deliver! Join us.


Zulay Magia Super Automatic Coffee Espresso Machine

This is undoubtedly an incredible gift for any coffee lover. Save yourself a lot of money by having your favorite Coffee done with an easy push of a button every day at home. This One-of-a-Kind Espresso Maker is designed with a range of 20 different Coffee Recipes, serving you with a glass of perfection every time! Easily choose from Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos, Espressos, Flat Whites, Macchiatos, and many, many more!


   The Milk Boss Milk Frother

For lovers of creamy drinks and delicious foam, this milk frother is an eye-catching gift (see here for colors and designs) and useful to share with our loved ones.


Christmas Cake Decorating Spatula

Ideal Christmas gift whether you wanted to kick up your baking game up a notch or just looking for the perfect holiday present to give.


Metal Christmas Cookie Cutters

Enjoy baking with your kids or loved ones and create fun and elegant holiday-themed treats with our cookie cutters. Perfect for making professional, gift-worthy homemade Christmas cookies.



Classic Cookie Press

This product will blow your mind and make your cookie that much better! Classic, durable, and easy-to-use cookie press to pamper our palates.



Piping Bags

This cake and cookie decorating set will allow you to create the designs you have in mind, it contains 32 pieces for all types of decorations. An excellent gift for pastry lovers.



Silicone Baking Mat Sheet

This baking mat is a kitchen innovation that provides professional baking results. An excellent gift for these celebrations where we enjoy cookies and different baked delicacies.



Silicone Popcorn Maker

With this super freebie you won't have to wait at the stove or any popcorn machine ever again! Make 15 cups of that tasty popcorn in just a few minutes to enjoy with the family.



Christmas Silicone Spatula

Bring out the holiday spirit in your kitchen area by showcasing these essential and eye-catching cooking utensils. Perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who loves to cook.


Crystal Red Wine Decanter

When you have a good amount of people coming over and you intend to drink wine, you don't just want to put out a bottle... you want to present it in style. The Zulay Wine Decanter is a visually refined masterpiece that can be displayed in the dining room or just for classing up your liquor cabinet. It’s a conversation starter at the dinner table that any wine lover would appreciate immensely.


Tortilla Blanket

The ideal gift idea is guaranteed to bring a smile to any face. Great gift for food lovers, family members, children, friends, colleagues, and more. Perfect for use as a beach blanket, lounging on the couch early in the morning, on cool nights, sitting by the campfire, watching movies, or playing games.



Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Zulay Kitchen gift card! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.


Here you can see delicious recipes to prepare and share!



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The Latest Kitchen Gadgets You'll Have To Buy

The Latest Kitchen Gadgets You'll Have To Buy

The kitchen is important, since it is where we prepare our food and invest time in it every day. That is why it is important that you make your life easier with the best kitchen utensils, and not only that, but that you acquire the best quality ones, that give you good results when you use them and that they are the last ones you will buy; but how can they be the last ones?
There is a perfect answer to this question: Zulay Kitchen offers you the best kitchen utensils and gives you a lifetime guarantee, once you have your product you won't have to buy it again!
Thinking of you, we have prepared a list of vital and must-have products for your kitchen! Remember that they will be the last ones you will have to buy, join us!



  • MAKE RICH, CREAMY FROTH IN SECONDS: The Milk Boss Frother gives that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate. Make delicious foamy creamer for your drinks at home without a trip to Starbucks with your own milk frother. Read our full review HERE!


  • MAKES GREAT TASTING COFFEE: Classic Italian moka pot famous for making the best traditional espresso easily! Durable cast aluminum body with pressure valve for higher caffeine extraction and flavor. Read our full review HERE!


  • DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Crafted with thick, shock-proof glass designed to brew hot or cold coffee. The anti-slip silicone guard protects the carafe making it highly resistant to extreme temperatures and impact. Designed a cut above most convectional carafes that tend to shatter easily. Stainless steel mesh filter keeps out fine grounds. Great functionality and stylish design that looks great in any kitchen or office. Read our full review HERE!


  • EXTRACTS THE MOST JUICE POSSIBLE: Professional quality most efficient juicer squeezer. Gets the maximum amount of juice from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and other fruit, with no seeds. Just pull the comfortable firm grip handle down for the fastest and easiest citrus juicing while your hands stay clean. Read our full review HERE!


  • GET EVERY LAST DROP FROM YOUR FRUIT: Our citrus press is proven to get more juice than dozens of other brands and you'll have no seeds in your juice! Works perfectly on Meyer lemons, Key limes, limequats, Mexican limes, Eureka or Lisbon lemons, Rangpur or Tahiti limes! Our citrus juicer tool can squeeze them all with maximum result. Read our full review HERE!


  • KEEPS YOUR COUNTERTOPS NEAT & DRIP-FREE: An essential cooking tool for any home chef. Our spoon rest has simple lines and a beautiful design that will keep your countertops splatter-free. Modern shape, sized to accommodate even your largest cooking and serving tools. Read our full review HERE!


  • THIS GARLIC PRESS WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD: Tired of getting garlic all over your hands and work station? This innovative kitchen gadget saves you time and effort for your marinades and recipes by pressing garlic like it’s nobody’s business! The Zulay Kitchen Garlic Press Rocker is made from high quality 304 stainless steel that is built to last even the most pressing tasks! Perfect for handling any sort of rocking pressure when your recipes call for one or dozens of garlic cloves. Read our full review HERE!


  • TOP SILICONE TOOLS WITH FLAWLESS DESIGN: Made with the highest quality silicone, these flexible, heat resistant, non-stick silicone spatulas can do it all! Cooking, baking, scraping and more. BPA FREE, will not stain, melt or break, making all of your cooking fun, healthy and safe. Plus they are cute too! Read our full review HERE!


  • SIMPLE TO USE & BUILT TO LAST: This premium garlic crusher and mincer is constructed from high-quality, food-grade materials meant to extract more garlic paste from cloves. Easy to use with a comfortable ergonomic design for quick results and minimal effort on your wrists and hands. Perfect for professional and home kitchens alike. Read our full review HERE!


  • LIGHTNING QUICK: Ultra fast and accurate thermometer that instantly reads temperature within 3-4 seconds. Customizable configuration lets you switch from ºF or ºC. Accurate to ±1°F between -4ºF to 392ºF. Probe is 4.5" long. After reading, fold the probe to turn off. Includes a power saver function that auto-offs after 10 mins of inactivity and turns back on when used. Read our full review HERE!


  • DURABLE AND EASY TO USE: Sleek, high-grade stainless steel blade is crafted to scrape, scoop, cut, chop and more. Large, etched measuring markings along the blade are easy to read for perfect cuts every time. The non-slip handle snuggles comfortably in your hand, allowing you to master prep work and get to the fun part of creating delicious baked goods. Optimize your kitchen with this functional, top of the line scraper. Read our full review HERE!


  • QUICK & EASY POPCORN: You won’t have to wait on your stove top or any popcorn machine ever again! Make 15 cups of that tasty popcorn within a few minutes with our durable Silicone Popcorn Popper. Better than harmful microwave popcorn bags. Lets you eat fresh microwave popcorn right out of the colorful popcorn bowl. Get that delicious, crunchy snack instantly! Read our full review HERE!


  • THE KITCHEN TOOL YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR: This is the kitchen tool you've always needed but didn't know existed! Our amazing meat chopper easily breaks up ground beef, turkey, chicken, hamburger and sausage for fast, even cooking. It works great for separating frozen ground meat. Use it as a spatula to mix in your favorite spices while cooking. There is no other kitchen tool like it! Read our full review HERE!


  • THE KITCHEN TONGS THAT CAN DO IT ALL: From grabbing hot pasta out of boiling water, to pulling a pork chop off the grill, to turning a steak in a sizzling pan, a good set of tongs will always be a must-have tool in your kitchen. Made from premium quality 403 stainless steel, the Zulay Kitchen Tongs are effective for frying, grilling, stirring, and serving hot dishes. Package comes with 1 small and 1 large set of Tongs. Read our full review HERE!


  • PERFECT STARTER KNIFE SET FOR YOUNG COOKS: Our knives are designed to provide safety while helping children learn and build confidence in using a knife. The serrated knife edge is designed to cut soft fruits, veggies, cake or cheese without cutting your skin. The blunt tips prevent young children from accidentally poking or hurting themselves. Perfect kitchen set for encouraging children to learn more about proper knife skills and safety in the kitchen. Read our full review HERE!


  • PREMIUM LEAK-PROOF & SHATTER-PROOF DESIGN: Hydrate yourself every day with a delicious twist using our leak-proof and shatter-resistant water bottle. Built with infuser and flip-top lid that secures itself around an airtight seal, preventing any leaks. Experience the flavor of infused water with this BPA-free bottle made from top-quality Tritan that is both incredibly durable and long-lasting. Taste only the pure essences of fruity infusions with zero odors or plastic aftertaste. Read our full review HERE!


  • SO EASY TO USE - IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! Stainless Steel Twin Blades with sharp, serrated tips designed to smoothly core through any apple, pears, bell peppers, cupcakes and more. After coring your fruits and vegetables the blades simply open-up and dump the unwanted core for convenient disposal. Making this beautiful corer one of the most useful tools in any kitchen. Read our full review HERE!


  • KEEPS YOU SAFE: When you’re frying bacon, onions, chicken, anything really, hot grease and oil can fly out of the pan and get things very messy, plus you can burn your skin or even your eyes. Be clean and safe with our grease catcher splatter guard shield that stops almost 100% of splatter and mist, while letting the steam out when cooking. Great for deep frying, wok stir fry and more. Read our full review HERE!


  • REVIVE, RESTORE AND FINE TUNE YOUR KNIVES: We all need our knives to perform their best. This handheld 2 stage knife sharpener is the easiest and fastest way to restore that sharp, shiny edge your knives need for top performance. All you have to do is pull your knife through the sharpener to get the edge back! Read our full review HERE!


  • THE ULTIMATE BAKING CONVENIENCE: These 2pcs of flexible food grade silicone non-stick baking mats are half-sized made for a 13 inch x 18 inch pan. Perfect alternative for other baking materials such as parchment paper, aluminum foil, and non-stick sprays. Features a nonstick surface that allows for effortless food removal with no plastic aftertaste, and does an amazing job at baking evenly without burning. Read our full review HERE!


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St Patrick's Day 2022

St Patrick's Day 2022

St Patrick's Day 2022! Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Irish culture with the color green, so we have prepared for you facts about this celebration, typical recipes to share and the perfect guide to Zulay Kitchen's best-selling products that you can't miss. 

                                                                                                Photo by aleteia.org

What is St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick’s Day observes of the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The holiday has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking and a whole lot of green.

                                                                                                Photo by aleteia.org


In the 18th century, Irish patriotism among American immigrants flourished, prompting the rise of so-called “Irish Aid” societies like the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick and the Hibernian Society. Each group would hold annual parades featuring bagpipes (which actually first became popular in the Scottish and British armies) and drums.
In 1848, several New York Irish Aid societies decided to unite their parades to form one official New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Today, that parade is the world ‘s oldest civilian parade and the largest in the United States, with over 150,000 participants. Each year, nearly 3 million people line the 1.5-mile parade route to watch the procession, which takes more than five hours. Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Savannah also celebrate the day with parades involving between 10,000 and 20,000 participants each.


Today, people of all backgrounds celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Although North America is home to the largest productions, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world in locations far from Ireland, including Japan, Singapore and Russia.

Information by History-www.history.com

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Among the most popular St. Patrick's Day recipes are Irish soda bread, corned beef with cabbage and champagne.

IRISH SODA BREAD! This bread is very delicious, quick and easy to prepare. This traditional bread does not use yeast like other types of breads, instead it gets its texture and body from the chemical process of baking soda and buttermilk. Here we share with you this version of this delicious bread, I really like it spread with butter and jam; try it and celebrate St Patrick's Day with a traditional and delicious recipe. GET RECIPE.

CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE! This dish is very delicious, prepare it and enjoy a tender meat accompanied by potatoes, carrots and cabbage; a real delight and the best thing is that everything is prepared together, it is very easy! GET RECIPE.

In Zulay Kitchen we join the celebration of St. Patrick's Day and we bring for you the best selling products and a special discount code! Get all our products with 15% off! CODE: LUCK15



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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022



The milk frother is one of the utensils you can give as a gift to any coffee and frothy drink lover, and I assure you that they will love it! Plus, you have over 39 color options to choose from to suit their style and tastes. Make their everyday life easier!



This gift is ideal for those who like to shake and froth their drinks in the same glass, you can do it with hot or cold drinks, it has 4 frothing functions and is ergonomic. In short, it is a super gift that will help them to prepare the best drinks very easily.



There is nothing better than waking up and enjoying a good cup of coffee, that's why we recommend these utensils so your loved ones can easily prepare the best coffee. Give a token of love!



Drinking or smelling citrus every day can improve your mood, increase mental clarity and fight depression, in addition to a multitude of other health benefits. It will be a very nice and beneficial gesture to give these tools as a gift because not only are they beautiful, but you are contributing to their health.



Celebrate every day at home like a party! And on Valentine's Day enjoy a fun movie night, special meals, a nice cocktail or just take your partner's favorite dish to bed and spoil her.



Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Zulay Kitchen gift card! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.



Here you can see delicious recipes to prepare and share!



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Milk Frother Uses - Best Tips For Amazing Froth And Foam

Milk Frother Uses - Best Tips For Amazing Froth And Foam

The milk frother is an amazing tool, with it you can froth all kinds of milks including heavy whipping cream and thanks to this you can create a huge amount of drinks at home, including classic lates, cappuccinos, dalgona coffee, sweet cream, cold brew, matcha late, Macchiato, hot chocolate, creamy chocolate coffee, espresso iced cream, etc.


The frothing simplicity is to put the milk frother in the milk and press the button, but what if your milk is not frothing? there are three possible reasons.


If you are frothing cold milk, 0% or 2% milks frother better than full or half and half.


Warm milk does not froth but hot milk does, 2%, full and half-half milk are perfect.

It is recommended to heat milk to 140°F  if using pot and if using a microwave 1.20 seconds at 700W or 40 seconds at 100W.


A narrow glass is going to give less room to create the foam, it will be created but in a wide glass there will be more room for the foam to form.



You can prepare the best and creamiest heavy whipping cream using your milk frother.

Following these tips you will get the best results. Create your wonderful creamy drinks in the comfort of your home without envying any coffee shop. 


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Top Must Haves For 2022

Top Must Haves For 2022

The kitchen is an important area for everyone because that is where we prepare our food; but beyond that, what does a dish represent? it represents love, affection, importance, well-being, family, customs, etc. It represents many sensations and emotions. Receiving a food that was prepared with love and care can brighten up any moment, it can evoke a memory of your childhood or any other pleasant moment.
For the Zulay Kitchen family you are very important and that is why we work every day with the purpose of bringing happiness to your kitchen, so you can prepare your food with the best utensils on the market and make your loved ones happy.
In this article we list the top utensils that you can't miss in your kitchen, they are designed to make your life easier. Join us!



 Meat! Who does not like a good grilled or barbecued meat? It is a delight to eat this kind of dishes, but to prepare them we need good utensils that make our life easier; here I show you 5 products that you can not fail to have to enjoy the best dishes and prepare them easily!



 Drinking or smelling citrus every day can improve your mood, increase mental clarity and fight depression, in addition to a multitude of other health benefits. Here are the best tools to help you get every last drop of your favorite fruit!



Coffee is the most important meal of the day to many people. We have searched high and low for the most useful items to support this habit and have created this collection for all of our fellow coffee-loving friends out there. These are items that we use in our own kitchen and we believe they will make your daily coffee experience even better.



We have everything you need! Here are some excellent recommendations so you can prepare your dishes and enjoy any event without worrying about time, as they will help you make every action easier! 



Family is very important to us, children are the next generation and we agree that we have to give them the best attention! Zulay Kitchen brings you the best products to pamper children, we even have products for the little ones to learn from the beginning the value of cooking at home.



Celebrate every day at home like it's a party! We have everything for fun movie nights, special occasions, and the perfect scoops for ice cream all to give you the ultimate kitchen happiness experience.



Cookies, cakes, brownies, and more! Zulay Kitchen is here to help you create the best baked goods you possibly can with our selection of easy to use baking products.



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Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Thanksgiving Gift Guide


This Thanksgiving gift guide is brought to you with love! Thanksgiving is a very significant day and is celebrated in several countries around the world, with the same meaning: bringing the family together to give thanks and share. For Thanksgiving it is important to prepare in advance to make everything easier, from shopping to planning and preparing our traditional dinner. The Zulay Kitchen family brings you gift options to share and bring you ease and happiness in your kitchen!


milk boss

These are the best gift options for you to pamper your coffee loving friends and family!

milk-frother  cattel  milk flotter     Milk  kitchen  coffee essentials  



 Thanksgiving Gift Guide

It is ideal to have all the utensils when it comes to baking, what better opportunity to make a gift that facilitates the work of those people who dedicate part of their time to pamper us with delicious dishes.

Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide  



 Thanksgiving Gift Guide

 Here are some options to give as a gift to those who like barbecue, spoil them!

Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide




Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Drinking citrus every day can improve your mood, increase mental clarity and fight depression, in addition to a host of other health benefits. Here are some tools that make great gifts for your friends!

Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide


Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Celebrate every day at home as if it were a party! Here are some options for special occasions and the best experience of happiness in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide



Thanksgiving Gift Guide

We present you gift ideas to pamper our children. Nice gifts not only for them but also to make everyday life easier for their parents!

 Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift GuideThanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide Thanksgiving Gift Guide


Here are some ideas for you to build your menu for this day, main dishes and desserts.

Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  Thanksgiving Gift Guide  


Are we missing any information? Leave a comment below telling us your opinion and what you would like to see next.


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3 Destinations For Coffee Lovers: Florida

3 Destinations For Coffee Lovers: Florida


As you may know at Zulay Kitchen we are coffee lovers and we love to spread happiness by helping everyone!

We want to help you who live in Florida or are just passing through to find those coffee shops where you can not only enjoy a good cup of coffee but also a magical moment with your family and friends.

Concord Coffee

This coffee shop has been described by its customers as a hidden gem. If you feel deep pleasure for a cup of coffee this may be the right place for you.

As a first point the space is trendy and minimalist which makes it really beautiful. At first glance you can see that there is a great desire on the part of the staff to create a pleasant and relaxing moment to hang out with friends, read a book or whatever it is you do in coffee shops.

In Concord Coffee you will find fresh roasted coffee, you can also enjoy a Lavender latte, Espresso, Hot chocolate, Peppermint Mocha, Iced Coffee and more.

You will also have the opportunity to buy coffee beans or ground coffee from Guatemala, Uganda, El Salvador, Kenya, Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica, as well as coffee featuring floral and citrus tasting notes (Bright & Balanced) or coffee with tasting notes of sweet fruit and a smooth finish (Sweet & Smooth) among others.

If you are near or passing by don't forget to visit this coffee shop!

Address: 1037 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803




This coffee shop is not just another dark and boring coffee shop... this coffee shop is beautiful, colourful and bright. Customers mention that the staff is very friendly and pleasant and the coffee is delicious, hot or cold, both are smooth and tasty.

This is definitely a unique and dreamy place where you will have a great time with your family and/or friends, not only will you enjoy a good coffee, tea or smoothie, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack and of course they have freshly roasted coffee.

You will find Cold Brew Coffee, Matcha, Espresso, Pour over coffee, Teas and Smoothies, you will also find magical and daring combinations such as "Cold Brew Lemonade", "Maple Cinny Latte" and "Lavender Spritz".

At Paradeco Coffee you can buy whole bean coffee to grind and make at home from places like Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru. 

And this is definitely a coffee shop you should visit! 

Address: Plaza Tower & Courtyard Shops 111 2nd Avenue NE Suite 101
St. Petersburg, FL 33701




This coffee shop has been rated by its customers as a must stop, it has a very placid and relaxed atmosphere with a special artistic touch. It is a perfect place for young and friendly people to chat and work on their laptops while enjoying good music. The staff is friendly and cheerful which makes it even more special.

They roast their own beans on site and as well as enjoying good coffee you can also buy coffee beans to grind and brew at home, they offer beans from places like Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil.

You will find a good selection of drinks, pastries and food made on the spot.

Whether it's a pour over coffee, a cold brew, an espresso or a latte, this is definitely a good place to try.

Address: 509 Clematis StWest Palm Beach, FL 33401-5303

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Great Gifts for Grandpa!

Great Gifts for Grandpa!

Grandparents bring wisdom, happiness, warmth and love to every life they touch, let's find a special gift for them to make them feel as special as they are.


FOR THOSE GRANDPARENTS WHO LOVE COFFE  Most likely your grandfather enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning while reading his newspaper! That's why we thought our Classic Stovetop Italian Style Espresso Maker would be perfect for a espresso!
Now if he prefers a creamy latte we suggest our Milk Frother Electric Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes, Cappuccinos, Matcha, Frappes and More with which he can become a barista from the comfort of his home. 
Finally, if he enjoys cold brew coffee, our Cold Brew Coffee Maker is definitely for him!
FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO BARBECUE If your grandfather loves to spend quality family time with a good barbecue, it would be nice to give him those things that will make him feel like the best when it comes to barbecue! here are these ideas: 
Our Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer will help him cook meat to the right point so that it is tender and juicy. 
Stainless steel barbecue tongs set to place the meat on the grill and flip it like a pro.
And of course to finish off our Zulay Kitchen Heat Boss Grill Brush and Grill Scraper so the grill is always clean and like new. 
FOR THOSE WHO ENJOY A GLASS OF WINE OR A DRINK ON THE WEEKEND  If he loves a good cabernet, the Crystal Red Wine Decanter is the best option to improve the flavour, smoothness and texture of the wine.
And how about giving you the opportunity to make and enjoy his own margaritas at home with our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer and our Professional Cocktail Shaker with Accessories Set he'll probably be very happy!
We hope this gift guide has been helpful! you can also check out the rest of the products on our website to find the perfect gift for your Grandpa!
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Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide: 12 Items To Give Dad This Month + A 20% OFF Coupon Code!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2021


This month is extra special for dads all over the globe because it’s the time of year we get to celebrate fatherhood! And since we’re all about family at Zulay Kitchen, we’ve prepared an extra special 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide for dads who love to cook! Without further ado, here are 12 of the best father’s day gifts this year!

Stainless Steel Tongs

Grilling season ain’t over yet and there’s nothing like a good pair of tongs for cooking, roasting, and barbecue-ing to help you celebrate it to the full. This is something dad will absolutely love! Our stainless steel grilling tongs are designed with ergonomic handles and silicone tips with scalloped edges. They work for simple cooking tasks and outdoor grilling adventures. Did we mention we have them in 10 different colors too?

Stainless Steel Tongs
Photo: Brianne McClellan

Milk Frother Set

If there’s one thing dad needs to start his day right, it’s a delicious cup of joe. Well, this month he can make it extra rich, creamy, and frothy with our complete Milk Frother Set. Packed with an Electric Milk Frother, Frothing Cup, and Latte Art Stencils, this bundle will help dad add a special touch to his morning lattes in seconds.

Milk Frother SetMilk Frother Set
Photo: Christin Singh, Ally Schrieber

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Another best-selling item dad will love from our Coffee Collection is the Zulay Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker cause it was designed for maximum coffee happiness! You can brew coffee, tea, and all your favorite drinks at the comfort of your own home in this stainless steel brewer! We even have 1 Liter, 1.5 Liter, and 1 Gallon options to choose from. This means he can enjoy his homemade pumpkin cream cold brew anytime!

Cold Brew Coffee MakerCold Brew Coffee Maker
Photo: Meghan Joy Yancy

Bartending Kit

Cheers to all the amazing fathers that made us who we are today! Being a dad ain’t easy so you should always celebrate the big occasions as well as all the little moments. Hence this 24-Piece Bartending Kit is going to be dad’s new favorite! It’s sleek, fancy, and incredibly convenient. Packed with absolutely everything you need for cocktail hour, it’s a must-have for home bars.

Bartending KitBartending Kit
Photo: Abby Harman

Silicone Utensil Set

It’s not a complete kitchen without the best silicone cooking utensils! Our 5-Piece Acacia Wood and Silicone Set is a staple for kitchen happiness. It’s a basic need for cooking any meal and dessert as it is lightweight, non-scratch, and very easy to handle. This premium set comes with a spoon, a spatula, a mixing spoon, a slotted spoon and slotted turner!

Silicone Utensil Set
Silicone Utensil Set
Photo: Joel Thivalappil

Knife Sharpener

Up next is our professional 2-Stage Knife Sharpener. This one-of-a-kind kitchen tool is highly functional, highly useful, and a great addition to your kitchen collection. After all, why waste money on purchasing brand new knives when you can revive and restore your old ones with a great sharpener that helps them achieve razor sharpness? If your dad loves to spend time in the kitchen, this is one tool he needs to have!

Knife Sharpener
Photo: Lacie Figueiredo

Meat Chopper & Meat Thermometer

Okay, picture a barbecue and steak weekend with dad on Father’s Day! It just so happens to be summertime and grilling season which are the best times to celebrate dad’s awesomeness. With that being said, you’re gonna need gadgets that help you get the right grind and temperature for your meat. Cue in the Zulay Kitchen Meat Thermometer & Meat Chopper! The former is an instant digital meat thermometer that can switch from Celcius to Farenheit anytime while the latter is only the ultimate masher, smasher, and meat chopper tool! Trust us, this is a duo you won’t be able to live without.

Meat Thermometer
Meat Chopper
Photo: Carmen Yang, Rachel Adkin

Splatter Screen

Last on our list is the best Splatter Screen ever! This grease guard protects the whole family from oil splash and mess in the kitchen. It’s an incredibly handy splatter screen for cooking and it keeps everyone safe from harm. We know for sure that dad will love it! Grab it today!

Splatter ScreenSplatter Screen
Photo: Courtney Hanson

Get all these kitchen items just in time for Father’s Day! You can choose anything from the list or you can get them all! Seriously, how can dad resist a good Meat Chopper, Knife Sharpener, and Cocktail Set? Shop today and get 20% OFF Our Father's Day Collection with the code BESTDAD20 at checkout. 



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Summer Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide

Summer 2021 Gift Guide: 15 Kitchen Tools You Need This Summer!

Summer Gift Guide

Summer is almost here which means it’s time for another kitchen happiness gift guide! (Cause we can’t just let you go through the season without the best kitchen tools and gadgets at home.) So sit back, relax and scroll down for the 15 things you’ll need to thrive and survive this summer!

Kids Bento Box

The first one is for the little ones! The Zulay Kitchen Kids Bento Box is perfect for picnics and campfires. It comes with a leak-proof lid and 5 perfectly proportioned kid-sized compartments secured with kid-friendly latches for easy access. It even has a spork too! Get this bento box for kids this summer!

Photo: Julia Monroe, Gillean Barkyoumb, Michelle Contreras, Vanessa Barrios-DeGiacomo

Moka Pot

Espresso yourself with our Moka Pots! This espresso maker is perfect for summer afternoons when you’re craving that delicious cup of traditional espresso! You can use this coffee and espresso maker on gas or ceramic stove tops. It’s so easy to use and it provides even heat distribution for a rich coffee flavor. Lastly, you can choose from so many beautiful colors! It’s the best moka pot ever! 

Photo: @homeforseashells, Christina Rinaldi, Kalpana Ravulapati

Lemon Squeezer

It’s not summer without a fresh glass of lemonade! Fortunately, our Lemon Squeezers were designed to make your juicing tasks easier so you can create the perfect lemonade in seconds. This unique citrus squeezer simply gets every last drop of juice! Choose your favorite color today.

Photo: Tanya Findlay, Sofia Isabella, Joann Perrett

Reusable Bags

Go green with our Reusable Food Storage Bags! Each set includes 4 durable airtight bags that help you lessen your use of plastic! They’re absolutely perfect for meal preparation and keeping fruit slices fresh for your triple berry smoothies. So if you’re looking for more eco-friendly kitchen products this season, add these bags to your cart today!

Reusable BagsReusable BagsReusable Bags

Photo: Sandra Duran, Joann Perrett, Cori & Kevin Gee

Collapsible Straw

Here’s another environment-friendly accessory ideal for summer! Our Stainless Steel Collapsible Metal Straw extends to your preferred length and collapses back easily so you can enjoy all your fave drinks anywhere at any time without stress or worry. It comes with a silicone cleaning tool as well and you can carry it like a keychain. It’s just so convenient!

Collapsible StrawCollapsible StrawCollapsible StrawCollapsible Straw

Photo: Samantha Jarvis, Lisa Titera, Emily Spence, Erin Diaz

Baking Mats

What’s your favorite summer pastime? For us, it’s definitely baking! Create your favorite pastries with ease and convenience using the best silicone baking mat on the market. With its non-stick surface, you won’t need oil, parchment paper, or anything else! Just pop these babies in the oven and achieve fresh cookies like a pro.

Baking MatBaking Mat

Photo: Jaye Fong, Serena Li

Pineapple Corer

Our sleek Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Slicer is what you'll need to create the perfect pineapple rings and slices. It can peel, slice and de-core pineapples effortlessly! This tool is designed with sharp serrated blades that can core and slice through any pineapple, and curved edges that create circular-shaped ring slices. No more figuring out how to cut a pineapple or buying expensive slices at the grocery. It’s truly a basic need for summer snacks!

Pineapple CorerPineapple CorerPineapple Corer

Photo: Jaime Pott, Kéra Holzinger

Citrus Press

Presenting the ultimate Heavy Duty Citrus Press! Our Professional Juice Press was made to help you get the juice out of all citrus fruits. With this durable juicer at home, you can enjoy orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and more in no time! Plus, you can choose from the most stunning colors too! Check it out right here.

Citrus PressCitrus PressCitrus Press

Photo: Allison Carol

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Best part about going for a swim? Going back to shore for a savory summer snack. Our multifunctional Bamboo Cutting Boards are just perfect for creating and enjoying your favorite poolside meals. Made of premium quality bamboo, this wooden cutting board with handle comes in a set of 3 ideal for slicing, dicing, chopping, and serving!

Bamboo Cutting BoardBamboo Cutting Board

Photo: Liz Ritzik

Infuser Water Bottle & Popcorn Popper

Now it’s time for some kitchen happiness pairs! 

This duo is simply a great match for the summer. Our Silicone Popcorn Poppers are perfect for Netflix and Chill days and nights while our Infuser Water Bottle is just what we need to stay fresh and hydrated for daily workouts, vacations, and staycations. It’s the coolest water bottle and the best microwave popcorn popper! Grab them today for a summer like no other!

 Infuser BottleInfuser BottlePopcorn PopperPopcorn Popper

Photo: Celeste & Julian, Caitlin O'Brien, Elsa Velasco, Kayden W.

Portable Blender & Ice Mold

For making fruit smoothies and shakes on the go, you’re gonna need a Portable Smoothie Blender like nothing else! Well, look no further because we have just the one for you. Our blender is USB rechargeable and works like a charm. Just put in your fruit slices, add a bit of ice, press the button and blend away! Top it off with ice cubes and ice molds shaped to perfection by the Zulay Ice Trays and you’re in for the best summer ever!

Portable BlenderPortable BlenderIce Cube Mold

Photo: Mina Attalah, Lee, Bianca Carpenter

Stainless Steel Tongs & Grill Brush

Summertime also means it’s grilling season! In order to have the best of both, you’re gonna need the Zulay Kitchen Tongs for easy lifting and the Zulay Grill Brush for easy cleaning! These stainless steel barbecue tongs are the perfect tongs for cooking. Purchased with the best grill cleaning brush, you’ll be ready for anything! Summer just isn’t complete without these grilling season must-haves.

Stainless Steel TongsGrill Brush

Photo: Emm & Mico, Stephanie Baez

And there you have it - the 15 Zulay Kitchen items you need this season. All you gotta do is purchase them to unlock pure summer kitchen happiness! What’s your favorite from the list? Tell us in the comments below and if you want more gift guides like these, feel free to let us know anytime!
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Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mom’s favorite month of the year has officially arrived! Mother’s Day is happening very soon and we have all the tools and gadgets beneficial to every mom’s busy lifestyle. To give back to all our amazing mommas, we’ve put together a special Kitchen Happiness Gift Guide perfect for Mother’s Day. Check out the kitchen products you’ll need to make the 9th of May the best day ever for mom!

Silicone Spatula Set

Silicone Spatula Set
Photo: Hillary Kezelman

Our 4-Piece Silicone Spatula Set is your ultimate baking partner. Made with high quality silicone, these spatulas are flexible, heat resistant, and non-stick! Plus, they’re BPA-Free too. How cool is that? They make cooking and baking healthier, safer, and on the whole more productive. Family baking is just 10x more fun because of it!

Kid's Knife Set & Cutting Boards

Photos: Kristi Blanc & Tiffany Shamoil

It’s the perfect duo! Our Cutting Mats and Kids Knife Set are ideal for all your food preparations with mom. Designed with extra thick, non-slip, and foldable features, our 4-Pack Cutting Mats are a kitchen must-have. And with our 3-Piece Safety Knife Set, cooking for kids of all ages will be a breeze. Mom and daughter moments are simply sweeter with this kitchen happiness pair!

Lemon Squeezer

Lemon SqueezerLemon Squeezer
Photos: Ashleigh Welch Carter & Salina Johnson 

Hard-working moms like yours deserve fresh pitchers of their favorite citrus juice every morning! To achieve that, you just need one thing -- the Zulay Kitchen Lemon Squeezer! These citrus juicers squeeze all the juice until the last drop, making family bonding time in the kitchen more fulfilling. Choose from a variety of juicers right here.

Reusable Bags & Stainless Steel Straws

Photos: Tishanna Supnet & Mahin Jamil

Support mom’s eco-friendly lifestyle with this set of eco-friendly products! Our Silicone Food Storage Bags come in a pack of 4 and they keep your food fresh without using plastic. Pair them with our 8-Pack Metal Straw Set and you’ve got the perfect travel kit! Go green with Zulay Kitchen this Mother’s Day.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Moka Pot & Milk Frother

Photos: Rachel Habersham, Andrea Morgan, & Liliana Osuna

There’s no better way to start the day than with a creamy cup of coffee! A particular set of Zulay Kitchen products we believe moms will truly love is, you guessed it, our Coffee Collection! Featuring products such as our 1 Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Italian Style Espresso Maker, and Electric Handheld Milk Frother (only the best milk frother on the market), all the moms in the world can definitely find what they need and receive all they deserve in this collection! 


Best Mom Milk Frother

We recommend our very special Best Mom Milk Frother! This one’s for all the supermoms out there. You know who you are. Treat yourself to a delicious homemade latte on Mother’s Day.

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