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Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter

$8.99 USD

  • NOT YOUR TYPICAL DOUGH BLENDER: You’ll be impressed by the supreme quality of this product and WANT to bake a lot more just to have fun using this great tool, making it healthier for you and your family. The durable polished stainless steel wire blades are thicker and sturdier than our competitors baking and pastry utensils. Search no more! We got you covered with this great kitchen gadget that will create memories to last many generations.
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Prepare to get the best texture and taste from all your baked goods. Make the fluffiest biscuits, flakier pastries as well as scones, pie crusts, pizza dough and a lot more foods. This egg pastry blender stainless steel flower hand mixer will not disappoint.
  • YOU WILL ASK YOURSELF HOW YOU EVER MANAGED WITHOUT IT: Heavy-duty but light weight, cuts through cold butter like a dream chopper, making it a must-have tool in your kitchen. Stop wasting time and effort using forks and potato mashers or smashers to get poor results.
  • NO MORE SORENESS IN YOUR HANDS AND WRISTS: Comfortable handle with a soft grip that perfectly fits small to medium-sized hands - plus it won't make you tired after using it. You can accomplish a lot more without having to worry about hand and wrist aches and pains or fatigue. The thick rubber is a lot safer than plastic and a lot easier on those with arthritis.
  • USE IT FOR MORE THAN JUST CUTTING BUTTER: Chop fruit, vegetables and nuts, mash up avocados or egg salad, make delicious guacamole, salsas, muffin toppings and baby food - the options are infinite for this smasher!

Save time and effort! Give your hands a rest!

Sore hands and wrists due to blending, cutting and mashing with a fork or potato masher is a thing of the past.

Whether you are a professional or home baker, you will absolutely love the ease and comfort of use, as well as the improved texture and taste in all your baked goods when you use this stainless steel dough blender, hand masher baking cutter, bread dough blender mixer shortening cutter. With a set of five durable, polished, stainless steel blades, this kitchen gadget is very easy to use. Its lightweight yet heavy-duty design makes this dough blender comfortable to hold making all of your baking tasks faster and easier. Cost-effective over best dough kneader

Save time and effort, get more uniform consistency as well as fluffier and flakier results using this sturdy dough blender utensils and pastry blender whisk.

Blend, cut and mash doigh, nuts, butter, fruits and soft vegetables to make salsa, guacamole, pie fillings and more! Get tastier, fluffier and flakier baked goods!

This dishwasher safe, professional-grade kitchen tool will provide long lasting quality and exceptional value.

Polished stainless steel construction
5 wire pastry cutter blades for cutting and blending
Ideal for dough, pastry, scones, butter and crumbing
Great for mashing, cutting and blending fruit and dry ingredients
Dishwasher safe