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Summer Gift Guide - Zulay Kitchen

Summer 2021 Gift Guide: 15 Kitchen Tools You Need This Summer!

Summer Gift Guide

Summer is almost here which means it’s time for another kitchen happiness gift guide! (Cause we can’t just let you go through the season without the best kitchen tools and gadgets at home.) So sit back, relax and scroll down for the 15 things you’ll need to thrive and survive this summer!

Kids Bento Box

The first one is for the little ones! The Zulay Kitchen Kids Bento Box is perfect for picnics and campfires. It comes with a leak-proof lid and 5 perfectly proportioned kid-sized compartments secured with kid-friendly latches for easy access. It even has a spork too! Get this bento box for kids this summer!

Photo: Julia Monroe, Gillean Barkyoumb, Michelle Contreras, Vanessa Barrios-DeGiacomo

Moka Pot

Espresso yourself with our Moka Pots! This espresso maker is perfect for summer afternoons when you’re craving that delicious cup of traditional espresso! You can use this coffee and espresso maker on gas or ceramic stove tops. It’s so easy to use and it provides even heat distribution for a rich coffee flavor. Lastly, you can choose from so many beautiful colors! It’s the best moka pot ever! 

Photo: @homeforseashells, Christina Rinaldi, Kalpana Ravulapati

Lemon Squeezer

It’s not summer without a fresh glass of lemonade! Fortunately, our Lemon Squeezers were designed to make your juicing tasks easier so you can create the perfect lemonade in seconds. This unique citrus squeezer simply gets every last drop of juice! Choose your favorite color today.

Photo: Tanya Findlay, Sofia Isabella, Joann Perrett

Reusable Bags

Go green with our Reusable Food Storage Bags! Each set includes 4 durable airtight bags that help you lessen your use of plastic! They’re absolutely perfect for meal preparation and keeping fruit slices fresh for your triple berry smoothies. So if you’re looking for more eco-friendly kitchen products this season, add these bags to your cart today!

Reusable BagsReusable BagsReusable Bags

Photo: Sandra Duran, Joann Perrett, Cori & Kevin Gee

Collapsible Straw

Here’s another environment-friendly accessory ideal for summer! Our Stainless Steel Collapsible Metal Straw extends to your preferred length and collapses back easily so you can enjoy all your fave drinks anywhere at any time without stress or worry. It comes with a silicone cleaning tool as well and you can carry it like a keychain. It’s just so convenient!

Collapsible StrawCollapsible StrawCollapsible StrawCollapsible Straw

Photo: Samantha Jarvis, Lisa Titera, Emily Spence, Erin Diaz

Baking Mats

What’s your favorite summer pastime? For us, it’s definitely baking! Create your favorite pastries with ease and convenience using the best silicone baking mat on the market. With its non-stick surface, you won’t need oil, parchment paper, or anything else! Just pop these babies in the oven and achieve fresh cookies like a pro.

Baking MatBaking Mat

Photo: Jaye Fong, Serena Li

Pineapple Corer

Our sleek Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Slicer is what you'll need to create the perfect pineapple rings and slices. It can peel, slice and de-core pineapples effortlessly! This tool is designed with sharp serrated blades that can core and slice through any pineapple, and curved edges that create circular-shaped ring slices. No more figuring out how to cut a pineapple or buying expensive slices at the grocery. It’s truly a basic need for summer snacks!

Pineapple CorerPineapple CorerPineapple Corer

Photo: Jaime Pott, Kéra Holzinger

Citrus Press

Presenting the ultimate Heavy Duty Citrus Press! Our Professional Juice Press was made to help you get the juice out of all citrus fruits. With this durable juicer at home, you can enjoy orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and more in no time! Plus, you can choose from the most stunning colors too! Check it out right here.

Citrus PressCitrus PressCitrus Press

Photo: Allison Carol

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Best part about going for a swim? Going back to shore for a savory summer snack. Our multifunctional Bamboo Cutting Boards are just perfect for creating and enjoying your favorite poolside meals. Made of premium quality bamboo, this wooden cutting board with handle comes in a set of 3 ideal for slicing, dicing, chopping, and serving!

Bamboo Cutting BoardBamboo Cutting Board

Photo: Liz Ritzik

Infuser Water Bottle & Popcorn Popper

Now it’s time for some kitchen happiness pairs! 

This duo is simply a great match for the summer. Our Silicone Popcorn Poppers are perfect for Netflix and Chill days and nights while our Infuser Water Bottle is just what we need to stay fresh and hydrated for daily workouts, vacations, and staycations. It’s the coolest water bottle and the best microwave popcorn popper! Grab them today for a summer like no other!

 Infuser BottleInfuser BottlePopcorn PopperPopcorn Popper

Photo: Celeste & Julian, Caitlin O'Brien, Elsa Velasco, Kayden W.

Portable Blender & Ice Mold

For making fruit smoothies and shakes on the go, you’re gonna need a Portable Smoothie Blender like nothing else! Well, look no further because we have just the one for you. Our blender is USB rechargeable and works like a charm. Just put in your fruit slices, add a bit of ice, press the button and blend away! Top it off with ice cubes and ice molds shaped to perfection by the Zulay Ice Trays and you’re in for the best summer ever!

Portable BlenderPortable BlenderIce Cube Mold

Photo: Mina Attalah, Lee, Bianca Carpenter

Stainless Steel Tongs & Grill Brush

Summertime also means it’s grilling season! In order to have the best of both, you’re gonna need the Zulay Kitchen Tongs for easy lifting and the Zulay Grill Brush for easy cleaning! These stainless steel barbecue tongs are the perfect tongs for cooking. Purchased with the best grill cleaning brush, you’ll be ready for anything! Summer just isn’t complete without these grilling season must-haves.

Stainless Steel TongsGrill Brush

Photo: Emm & Mico, Stephanie Baez

And there you have it - the 15 Zulay Kitchen items you need this season. All you gotta do is purchase them to unlock pure summer kitchen happiness! What’s your favorite from the list? Tell us in the comments below and if you want more gift guides like these, feel free to let us know anytime!

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