Zulay Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • What if you want a cup of decaf coffe?

    Hi Marcella, You can add your decaf pre ground coffee at the chute.

  • Where is the Zulay Magia made?

    Hi Riccardo, Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our product! It's manufactured in China, but we re-assure the quality by having USA-based inspections for quality and safety. We also make sure we comply with all USDA and all international regulations/standards.

  • Hi. I just purchased a Zulay Magia Super Automatic Espresso machine; we're enjoying it greatly! Do you have a description of each of the drinks? For example, what's the difference (with your machine) between a latte and a latte macchiato? The images on the screen are identical. Thank you!

    Hi Terri, I'm afraid the manual does not include a detailed description of each of the drinks. However, I can help you with a photo description of it and we'll be more than happy to send it over. Can you reach out to us through our support email support@zulay.net. Talk to you soon!

  • Is the unit UL listed and if so is it marked household only? additionally does it have a 3 prong plug.

    Hi Don, I'm afraid the Maiga is meant for indoor, personal household use only. Not for commercial use. Yes it has a 3 prong plug. The electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

  • Would this machine work on a small coffee trailer and be able to keep up?

    Hi Samantha, I'm afraid this machine is meant for indoor, personal household use only.

  • Where do I find a list of speciality drinks it makes?

    Hi Joel, You may find the list of the specialty drinks when you press the Coffee Recipes Icon.

  • Does the water tank have a filter in it?

    Hi Joel, I'm afraid the water tank has no filter.

  • I'm planning on using this machine for an office of about 30 persons. How many coffees a day the machine can make without reducing it's lifespan?

    Hi there, I'm afraid this machine is intended for household use. Based on a typical household's consumption, rough estimate would be around 7-10 cups per day.

  • Where is a list of 20 different recipes? Looking for a cold brew option

    Hi there, You can see the 20 recipes when you press the Coffee Recipes Icon.

  • Can I use ground coffee with this or is the only option whole beans with the built in grinder?

    Hi there! You can use ground coffee but a coarse grind is highly recommended.

  • Good evening, as a diplomat accredited with the US State Department , I am eligible for tax exemption. Is it possible to purchase merchandise from your shop tax free? If so, kindly explain how one should proceed. Thanks and best regards

    Hi there! Can you reach out to us through our support email support@zulay.net. Talk to you soon!

  • So I can turn it on in the morning and turn it off at night and there is no problem, correct?

    Hi there, Absolutely! But you can also set when you want the auto shut off. It can be set between 0 to 24 hours. We recommend to keep these settings at 5 hours or more. Be aware that the machine performs self-cleaning every time it turns off/on and if it's adjust to less amount of hours, the machine will clean itself many time a day.

  • how long can it be on continuously?

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us! The machine will stay on to supply the power to the heater, making your drinks readily available anytime. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Can I get please specsheets for buy it one.

    Thanks for reaching out to us! This might help:

    Or you may check the link:


    Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Hello, I bought our machine about 2 weeks ago. However, all our coffee have lots of milk instead of coffee. We have tried to adjust the coffee volume and coffee but we still don’t taste coffee (we feel we are having hot milk) Please help Lee

    Hi there, This would depend the type of grind and coffee used. Could you send us an email to our support email so we could further assist you? I have a link for the Magia troubleshooting for your reference https://www.zulaykitchen.com/pages/magia-super-automatic-coffee-machine-troubleshooting

  • How does cream work for cappuccino - late

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We do not recommend the use of cream on Magia because it can damage the Milk System over time due to the high density of these milks. Please check out this link : https://www.zulaykitchen.com/pages/magia-super-automatic-coffee-machine-troubleshooting

    I hope this helps. Have a great day!

  • So this does not come with the milk container and metal cups as shown in the picture?

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us! I regret to inform you that it does not come with milk container and cups. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • can this machine be plumbed with a water line

    Hi there, Unfortunately, there is no option to add a direct water line to the Magia...yet! We will note your request for future models and maybe an adapter for your model could coming.

  • How big is the water tank? Can I make regular coffee on the machine

    Thanks for reaching out to us! It can handle up to 1.8 Ltrs and dimensions are 6.9" X 2.4" X 8.7". You can user regular but we do not suggest it because it's too fine for an espresso machine to process it.

  • So if I buy that machine where do I buy the coffee for the machine

    Hi there! You can buy any medium to dark roast coffee beans at you local store. We recommend these brands for better or stronger coffee: Lavazza, Intelligentsia and Starbucks. Hope this helps.

  • do tou have machine that made for 220-240 volts?


    The Magia coffee machine work with 120V. You would need to have a converter from 220 to 110 V

    Here is one example of a simple converter.


  • Do you have machine ghan can be use iutside USA a 220-240 volts?


    You need to use an easy converter that convert 220 to 110V. Here is a link of one of the many converter you can find


  • what are the preprogrammed drinks w/ this machine

    Hi there! Check out our blog "Why Choose Our Zulay Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine?". All 18 preloaded drinks are mentioned there including other information about the product. Thanks!