Zulay Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

It's time to start making coffee your way! Built with a high-tech brewing system that lets you select the temperature, hot milk foam and the volume of milk and coffee.

Zulay Magia White Automatic Espresso Machine

Why go to a coffee-shop when you have our fully automatic Lux coffee machine that can make any coffee just the way you love? Cafe' quality right at home.

Zulay Magia Ampro Automatic Espresso Machine

This automatic coffee machine is designed with state of the art components. This fancy coffee maker gives you an exquisite coffee experience without spending a fortune.

Zulay Magia Manual Espresso Machine

Everything a coffee fanatic needs to brew a perfect coffee that's designed with a control panel and coffee grinder. Make excellent espresso by just pressing a button.

Our Story

My wife and I created Zulay Kitchen to make shopping easier than ever in today's busy world. We believe that cooking should be fast and easy, so you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Aaron Cordovez, Co-Founder of Zulay Kitchen

"I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but you're exactly what people working in customer service should aspire to be. Not only are you helpful, you present the conversation in such a way where I feel as if we've been friends for years!"
The company goes out of its way to provide for ways to contact them if there's anything is wrong with the unit, which is great news these days.
Very well designed and easy to clean. The two AA batteries do give it some real spin power. For cappuccino milk in the mornings, it is incredible.
Device works well but the surprise was how good the customer service is. I so appreciated how quickly they responded and how helpful and kind they were in the email exchange. Good customer service is everything!