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Premium Plastic Flasks For Liquor - Flask for Cruise Fun


 REUSABLE CRUISE SHIP FLASK KIT - These Ultralight yet Heavy Duty Reusable and Concealable Rumrunners will allow you to store your liquor for later use. These Shampbooze Flasks are the perfect containers for transporting alcohol onto any cruise ship inside your luggage. Making them one of the best traveling accessories.

THESE RUM RUNNERS ARE A MUST - These Concealed Alcohol Carrying Flasks are the best way to carry your favorite beverages anywhere you are going. Avoid paying inflated alcohol prices on Cruise Ships, Stadiums, Festivals, Sporting Events, etc. These secret pouches are the perfect disguise to allow you to hide and smuggle liqueur or any other drink inside your bag. Ladies can wear the small and discrete flask under their bra, men can easily carry them in a pocket.

NOT GOING ON A CRUISE? - These Rumrunner Flask Kits are also perfect for transporting any type of non-carbonated beverage. Bring your reusable drinking flasks to Movie Theaters, Clubs, Concerts, Stadiums, Clubs, Bars, Beaches, Golfing, Fishing, Hunting, Camping and other outdoor places.


Pack into CHECKED luggage. NOT into carry-ons. Luggage is usually placed on its widest surface when going through scanners. Arrange flasks in luggage so that when it is lying on its back the flasks are in a vertical position, having the slimmest profile of the flask facing upward.


  • One (1) 32oz Flask
  • One (1) 16oz Flask
  • One (1) 8oz Flask
  • One (1) Funnel