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Kitchen Storage & Accessories

A clean and organized kitchen is the best place to be! Keep everything organized with our best kitchen storage and accessories products.
Kitchen Storage & Accessories


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Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Accessories
Save 11%
Zulay Kitchen Bacon Grease Container With Strainer and Lid
Save 28%
Bacon Grease Container
$17.99 USD $24.99 USD
Save 16%
Multipurpose Roll Up Sink Drying Rack & Trivet (Medium) - Zulay Kitchen
Save 11%
Multipurpose Roll Up Sink Drying Rack
From $23.99 USD $26.99 USD
Save 25%
Save 19%
Multipurpose Roll Up Sink Drying Rack & Trivet (Large) - Zulay Kitchen
Save 17%
Insulated Lunch Box With Soft Padded Handles - Zulay Kitchen
Save 5%
Insulated Lunch Box
From $18.99 USD $19.99 USD
Salt and Pepper Grinder with Adjustable Coarseness Options & Portable Holder - Zulay Kitchen
Save 22%
Salt and Pepper Grinder
$27.99 USD $35.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip - Walnut
Save 20%
Drawer & Shelf Liner
$23.99 USD $29.99 USD
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Coffee Canister
$38.99 USD $40.99 USD
Save 25%
Zulay Kitchen Kids Insulated Lunch Bag - Black
Tablecloth Clips
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Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer With Silicone Padded Grip - Zulay Kitchen
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Save 35%
Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder
From $16.99 USD $25.99 USD
Save 15%
Utensil Crock Storage Organizer
$17.00 USD $20.00 USD
Save 16%
Silverware Organizer Tray
$25.99 USD $30.99 USD
Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
Sold Out
Sold Out
Premium Plastic Flasks For Liquor - Flask for Cruise Fun - Zulay Kitchen
Save 21%
Plastic Flasks
$9.49 USD $11.99 USD
Magnetic Clips for Refrigerator with Notepad (Set of 12)
Plastic Condiment Squeeze Bottle with Caps 17 oz - Zulay Kitchen
Preprinted Pantry Label Stickers
Save 8%
Mop and Broom Organizer Wall Mount 3 Slots, Black
Reusable Grocery Bags 5 Pack in Black
Insulated Lunch Box Bag With Strap Black
Save 4%
Simple Craft Hot Sauce Glass Bottles - 24 Piece 5 oz Leak Proof Small Hot Sauce Bottle With Shrink Bands and Caps - Zulay Kitchen
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