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Strawberry Gin Club Soda Recipe

Strawberry Gin Club Soda Recipe

This one's for the adults! 2020 has been rough and we all deserve a little party drink to celebrate making it this far. If you're 21+ then check out this refreshing Strawberry Gin Club Soda recipe! Thanks @maizeandhoney for sharing this drink recipe and for using the Zulay Kitchen Cocktail Shaker to give your cocktails a professional touch. Zulay Kitchen has a wide variety of party essentials to make your next get-together one to remember! Enjoy!

This delicious recipe is from our friend on Instagram @maizeandhoney!



  • 2 Muddled Ripe Strawberries
  • 4 oz Lemonade
  • 2 oz Hendrick's Gin
  • Ice


  1. Add ice, lemonade, and gin into Cocktail Shaker and shake well.
  2. Pour over strawberries and top with club soda.
  3. Add strawberry to garnish.
  4. Enjoy responsibly!

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