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milk frother color guide

The Official Milk Boss Milk Frother Color Guide!

milk frother color guide

Our handheld milk frother comes in 27 color variations and there are more on the way! That's a lot of colors to choose from, which is why we created The Official Milk Boss Color Guide! Before you buy, see which design fits your personality, style, and kitchen decor! Our electric milk frothers come in a multitude of colors and novelty designs, so you can find the perfect one when shopping for a loved one or splurging on yourself!

Milk Frothers in Every Color! 

blue milk frothers
Looking for a fun, tropical addition to your coffee station? Our blue and teal milk frothers are just the appliance you're looking for! Embrace a beach style with our Caribbean Aqua and Aqua Sky electric milk frothers, or show off your sophistication with our classic Royal Blue frother.
green milk frothers
Calling all nature lovers! Our green handheld milk frothers are great for those who enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. We offer the more classic Clover Green, and Lime Green which has a fun yellow tint to it!
pink and purple milk frothers
Get playful with our selection of pinks and purple milk mixers! These colors are great for adding a bold statement appliance to your kitchen. Our Hot Pink milk frother stands out in a crowd with its gold button! Choose Dragon Fruit for a bright pink, or Cotton Candy for a more subtle pastel. And of course, you can never go wrong with classic Purple!
red and orange milk frothers
Show off your fun side with our red and orange electric milk whisks! Call for attention with the Ruby Red milk frother, or show off your chill side with Peaches N Cream. Either way, these beautiful colors will be a conversation starter!
gray and silver milk frothers

Color not your thing? Our minimalist frothers are simple yet stylish. These sleek designs look great in any modern kitchen. Our original Black frother is still a fan favorite! The White whisk and Gray frother display elegance, and the Silver option is great if you want something a bit more flashy.

Fun Novelty Milk Frothers!

holiday milk frothers

Looking for the perfect gift? Milk Boss has you covered with our holiday milk frothers! Show your mom how much you appreciate her with our Mother's Day milk frother accented with a shiny gold button. Celebrate Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day with our cute Hearts frother! And of course, the Christmas milk frother is the perfect stocking stuffer for any coffee lover!

metallic milk frothers

Add a little shimmer to your froth with our metallic milk frothers! Classic colors like Black and Blue look even better with a metallic gloss, or go for Ice Blue if you want a cooler shade!

two toned electric milk frothers

Can't decide between two colors? Why not both with our two-toned ombre collection! These unique frothers are a fun twist on the rest of our solid colors. Choose Galaxy if you're looking for richer deep colors, Northern Lights for a scenic color combo, or Bubblegum for a lighter bubbly vibe!

unicron milk frothers

Our unicorn milk frothers are the perfect coffee accessory for anyone in touch with their whimsical side! These Black and White frothers come to life with the bright, fun unicorn design to bring a little magic to your morning coffee routine.

coffee milk frother

We know you love coffee, so what better accessory than one that advertises it to the world? Our I Love Coffee handheld milk frother has a cute little coffee cup design that reads "I Love Coffee" surrounded by hearts and is set against an eye catching bright blue color. This electric milk frother is fun, cute, and a coffee lover's dream!

Check Out Our Video on the Milk Frother Colors!

Milk Frother Recipes

Strawberry Milk Drink Recipe
strawberry pink drink

Homemade Pink Drink Recipe
homemade pink drink recipe

Chamomile Rose Tea Latte Recipe
chamomile rose tea latte

Let Us Know What You Think!

Which frother color is your favorite? Which recipe are you excited to try? Leave a comment down below telling us your thoughts about this guide!

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I bought a frother with two different whisks, but cannot figure out how to remove one whisk to insert the other.

Hi Ericka!
We’re glad to hear that you love our Milk Frother! We hope this guide helps you find the perfect colors during your Christmas shopping!

I have never loved a kitchen gadget so much! I went with black because, to be honest, I wanted all of the colors and I don’t think I actually need 27 milk frothers. I will be buying them as Christmas gifts though.

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