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The Zulay Splatter Screen Is A Kitchen Life Saver To Shawnae!

We all love cooking, may it be making our versions of our favorite restaurant meals, or trying new recipes! Cooking is always 'life' but with all that happiness that we experience while cooking, we dread to do the clean-up. We know, cleaning up for someone who was just cooking a hearty meal is not easy, even if you have a dishwasher, you still have those items that you need to wash by hand. After that, you will experience the dread of possibly getting wet in the stomach area (we know!) So, if we say that we have a secret to lessen the cleaning, would you wanna know? Yes? Then you should probably check out Shawnae's Instagram post about the Zulay Kitchen Splatter Screen. Here is what she said, and we quote "Splatter Screen makes cooking clean & safe (no more oil burns). It is such a lifesaver cleaning, I PROMISE! 🧼 🙌🏻 Just keep this Splatter Screen handy in your cooking area at all times! Your stovetop, counter, walls and cloths will be kept clean". So what are you waiting for? If you want a splatter-free kitchen after cooking, then make sure you get the Zulay Kitchen Splatter Screen. It comes in two sizes to fit your needs. You're welcome!


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