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Espresso Shots With Fabiola Corbett Using Zulay Moka Pot!

Espresso Shots With Fabiola Corbett Using Zulay Moka Pot!

As most of us are busy working from home, we look for ways on how to keep personal and professional life separate. May it be to assign a room in your house as your "workplace" or better yet, finding a way to keep yourself awake because you are inches away from your bed! So to battle that, we may need a shot of caffeine in our system every once in a while and Fabiola Corbett just has the right tips on how to make the right cup of espresso. Fabiola Corbett is an interior designer and a mom of two, with this combination, she always makes sure that all her designs are functional and top quality, so when making the right cup of espresso, she recommends the Zulay Kitchen Moka Pot. Just the perfect cup of espresso every day and you'll be able to hustle through this work from home setup. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself the Moka Pot from Zulay Kitchen and be well on your way to the best espresso every day of your life!


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