Enjoy Little Things In Life Like Donnah Who Uses The Zulay Moka Pot!

Enjoy Little Things In Life Like Donnah Who Uses The Zulay Moka Pot! - Zulay Kitchen

We all got used to our version of normal, may it be a fast-paced life or maybe a flying from one place to another. Whatever your old normal was like, we had to adjust to what we now know as our New Normal. Together with this new normal that we need to adjust to is learning to enjoy the little things in life. That's what, Donnah, discovered when she was asked to stay at home for long periods. She now has time for the people that matters and even get to enjoy a great cup of espresso without the need to rush through morning traffic and go to the endless line in a coffee shop. And her secret for great espresso is Zulay Kitchen's Moka Pot, so if you want to enjoy what matters most, make sure that you have everything in the luxury of your home, especially the Moka Pot if you are an espresso lover.

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Let's stop for a moment and enjoy the little things in life. Like me waking up and having an espresso while kids are still asleep. Its the quiet time that I miss sometimes. Part of me wants to go back to how it used to be and part of me wants it just to stay this way. Is it just me or are you also feeling this way? What do you miss before this all started and what will you miss after this is over? Dress: @femmeluxeusa Espresso Maker: @zulay_kitchen #femmeluxegal #femmeluxeusa #bloggerbabe #bloggergirl #bloggerlife #bloggersdiaries #bloggersofinstagram #bloggervibes #bloglovin #savvyblogging #blogginggals #bloggerlove #everysquareastory #reclaimthehappy #seeksimplicity #stillswithstories #lifestyleinspo #lifeunscripted #lifestyleblogger #darlingdaily #flashesofdelight #honestmomconfessions #honestmom #stopdropandmom #thisismotherhood #documentingmotherhood #coffee #coffeelover

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