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Diana Helps Save the Environment by Using the Zulay Collapsible Straw!

Diana Helps Save the Environment by Using the Zulay Collapsible Straw!

Being eco-friendly or environmentally is very important. To define what being eco-friendly means, it is the act of living with the intent to focus on not creating harm to the environment and to prevent as much harm from happening to the environment through your interactions with it. Just like Diana, her on-going goal is to be more eco-friendly as she uses the Zulay Collapsible Straw. It truly is about changing the purpose of how you live!

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One of my ongoing goals is to be more #ecofriendly, and this #reusable stainless steel collapsible straw from @zulay_kitchen is just one way I can help the environment! #ad | Zulay Kitchen's collapsible straw extends to the length you need and comes with a case, so your straw will always stay clean in your bag. After using, you can store the dirty straw in its case to clean later, so your bag won't get messy! It also comes with a cleaning brush, which can also collapse and fit in the straw and then in the case! Perfect for traveling! Get your own Zulay Kitchen Collapsible Straw on Amazon (#affiliate) 👇 https://amzn.to/3bPmYnR Link also temporarily in my bio! #zulaykitchen #collapsible #reusable #reusablestraw #stainlesssteel #stainlesssteelstraw #gogreen #reusereducerecycle #onthego #collapsiblestraw #influencer #amazon #amazonfinds #founditonamazon #starbucks #targetmom #targetrun #bringyourownstraw #momselfie

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