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Thick And Chewy Cookie Recipe

Thick And Chewy Cookie Recipe - Zulay Kitchen

More cookies!!! If we could we would be baking these Thick and Chewy Cookies right this second. Since we can't, we can at least tell you how to make them! This cookie recipe was provided by Fatimah who used the Zulay Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set while making these delicious treats! We hope you enjoy these chocolate filled cookies!

This recipe is from our friend on Instagram @falasteenifoodie!


                      • 2.5 cups flour

                      • 2 cups brown sugar

                      • 1/2 cup white sugar

                      • 2 eggs

                      • 1 egg yolk

                      • 2 tsp salt

                      • 1.5 cups chocolate chunks

                      • 2/3 cup chocolate chips

                      • 1 cup melted butter

                      • 1 tsp baking soda

                      • 1 tbsp cornstarch


                      1. Mix the melted butter with the sugars and the eggs.

                      2. Mix the dry ingredients together.

                      3. Then fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Fold in chocolate chips at the end.

                      4. Scoop onto baking tray and let them sit in the fridge for 2 hours (This is optional, but it makes the cookies even more chewy).

                      5. Bake at 350°F for 12-15 mins and enjoy!

                      Kitchen Products Used

                      Silicone Spatula Set

                      Watch a video about the Zulay Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set!

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