To Our Amazing Affiliates!

To Our Amazing Affiliates! - Zulay Kitchen

Over the past year, we have had the privilege of collaborating with the most amazing people, and we cannot thank our wonderful affiliates enough for all their love and support. This month, we want to give back to our top 3 ambassadors by telling you guys all about them! Here's to the people who helped us spread kitchen happiness to families in the busy holiday season by being the beautiful individuals they are!

asklouienow photo 1 Zulay Kitchen Influencer

First up is @asklouienow a.k.a. Louie Rosario, an aspiring chef in NYC who loves to inspire and cook for people. He says his style in the kitchen will keep you eating healthy and yummy! Here's what he had to say about his experience: 

"Zulay Kitchen was the only thing that put a smile to my office. When I got my milk frother, that completely changed the working dynamic; it brought so many smiles to me and to my friends at work that it was contagious. Everyone loved the Zulay Kitchener. Moreover, the Zulay Kitchen team is awesome. You people handle everythi Milk Frothng so smoothly. The Milk Frother is my favorite product but honestly I love all your products and I want to use all your products to cook!" 

Thank you Louie, you are absolutely amazing!

Next, we have @mixedbynic also known as Nicolette, a small business owner from Jersey City, NJ. Her catering company specializes in handcrafted artisan charcuterie boards. She loves to use seasonal ingredients and share her creativity and recipes to help inspire others. This is what she had to say about Zulay Kitchen: 

"What I like about Zulay Kitchen is the quality of the products. What Zulay Kitchen offers is definitely a really good deal! I feel I can genuinely tell my friends about Zulay Kitchen products because of their quality. The coffee frother is my favorite. I literally refer everybody to this product! So many people have it now, and now that everyone is working from home, they are able to make their homemade latte, thanks to Zulay Kitchen!" 

That means the world to us, Nicolette! You rock!

Last but not least, we have Chin Chin of @chinchin_cooking. She is a working mom from Pasadena, CA. She enjoys cooking and she likes going to the farmers market. She wants to inspire other working professionals to cook more often with her easy recipes. She says:

"What I love about Zulay Kitchen: I love the product design (very modern and many colors to choose from.) The products are of high quality. The baking mat is my favorite product. It is totally non-stick, easy to clean, and reusable. I save so much money not using parchment paper and aluminum foil." 

Thank you for the feedback and the love, Chin Chin! We truly appreciate it.

Cheers to Louie, Nicolette, and Chin Chin for all their beautiful work! We are so grateful for their support. We look forward to continuing to work with them and all our affiliates this year! If you want to join the Zulay Kitchen family and help us share kitchen happiness, sign up to be an affiliate today!

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