Milk Boss Pour Over Coffee Filter - (Filter #1)

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About this Pour Over Coffee Filter 

The conical design making the coffee taste more mellow after the water slowly penetrates, cone coffee filter #1 is fit for pour over coffee dripper. the radius of the coffee filters paper is 6.2 inches, it's easy to carry, very suitable for travel home office & restaurant.

Made from 100% degradable material without fluorescence and bleach and no smell, can filter residue very well, when you use it will be more safe and secure, very popular with coffee lovers.

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  • How long does it (filter) last?

    Hi there! With proper care and maintenance, the coffee filter can last several years, typically between 1 to 5 years or more. To extend its life, regularly rinse and occasionally deep clean the filter, avoid using abrasive cleaners, store it in a dry place, and inspect it regularly for damage.