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Drinking or smelling that fresh citrus every day can really improve your mood, increase mental clarity and combat depression, in addition to a multitude of other health benefits.

Citrus Splash collection


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Save 9%
Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer
From $90.99 USD $99.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Portable Blender - Black
Save 9%
Zulay Kitchen 2-in-1 Lemon Lime Squeezer
Save 15%
2-in-1 Lemon Lime Squeezer
From $16.99 USD $19.99 USD
Premium Apple Corer - Easy to Use and Durable Stainless Steel - Zulay Kitchen
Save 35%
Premium Apple Corer
From $12.99 USD $19.99 USD
Apple Corer and Slicer
Save 50%
Save 9%
Save 17%
Pineapple Corer
$14.99 USD $17.99 USD
Save 29%
Last Drop Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer - Zulay Kitchen
Pomegranate Manual Juicer - Heavy Duty Juice Press Squeezer with Detachable Lever & Removable Strainer - Zulay Kitchen
Save 21%
Heavy Duty Pomegranate Juicer
$18.99 USD $23.99 USD
Save 42%
Simple Craft Apple Corer For Removing Cores & Pits - Zulay Kitchen
Save 9%
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black citrus juicer hand press
Save 28%
Citrus Juicer Reamer (17oz Capacity)
From $12.99 USD $17.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Professional Citrus Juicer + 2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer COMPLETE SET
Save 28%
Hydration Nation Premium Handheld Single Bowl Citrus Lemon Squeezer - Zulay Kitchen
Silver Citrus Juicer
Zulay Kitchen Black Single Bowl Lemon Squeezer
Juice Vortex Lemon & Orange Juicer - Black/Silver
Simple Craft Manual Citrus Press and Orange Squeezer
Sold Out