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How To Froth Without A Milk Frother

How To Froth Without A Milk Frother - Zulay Kitchen
How to Froth Without A Milk Frother

Are you a cappuccino lover who loves a rich, creamy foam on top of your coffee every morning? Are you a regular coffee drinker who can’t live without a good homemade latte? Or are you simply someone looking to upgrade your daily coffee routine this year? Whatever type of coffee person you are, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re gonna teach you how to make a homemade latte without a Milk Frother! 

If you spend time on social media every day, you might notice a certain kitchen gadget everywhere and we mean, everywhere. This device is called a Milk Frother, also known as a hand blender or foam maker. People use it to make delicious lattes, amazing cafe style drinks, and even to mix their protein powders. It truly works wonders on your favorite beverages by making your milk extra frothy! Just like whipped cream! 

But if you’re wondering if you can do all that without one, the answer is YES! In this blog, we’re gonna help you achieve the same results by giving you the best tips on how to froth milk without the use of a milk frother or going to a cafe so you can enjoy a delicious milk foam at home!

So how can you froth without a milk frother?

The first key point is the temperature of the milk! Reaching an optimal temperature is the key to obtaining quality froth. When the milk is heated to 60-68°C or 141-155°F, it will give you better results. Milk that has been heated less will not foam too well and milk that has been heated too much may not foam as much or taste as good either. 

Here are 3 simple ways to make delicious (and attractive) foam for your coffee!

1. The Shaking Jar!

Empty Jar  All you have to do is shake your milk in a jar! It's that simple! Just heat the milk in any jar you have in the kitchen and screw the lid on tightly before shaking. If the milk is too hot, you can hold the jar with a tea towel or an oven mitten so you don't burn your fingers. Afterwards, remove the lid and put the milk in the microwave (uncovered) for 30 seconds. The frothy milk will rise to the top, and the heat from the microwave will stabilize it. Keep an eye on the jar so that it does not overflow. Pour it into your drink when it’s ready and enjoy a frothy cup of coffee!

2. The Blender!

BlenderWho doesn’t love a good old-fashioned blender? First up, you need to choose the milk you want to use (Cow's Milk, Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Coconut Milk, and more!) Next, it’s time to determine the amount of milk you will need depending on your favorite latte, and then pour it into the blender. Make sure to cover it with a lid so it doesn’t make a mess. Let the blender whip up the milk in medium speed until the desired amount of foam is obtained. When it’s done, you can pour the frothy milk into your coffee. Now, you know how to make a latte with rich velvety froth!

3. The French Press!

French Press

The coffee item that we can’t live without! Simply pour the hot milk into a clean, dry container from the French press. You should leave an empty space for the bubbles to grow and the foam to be formed. Put the lid on the French Press, immerse it, and pull the plunger repeatedly until you see the foam fill the space available in the container. Remove the plunger and pour the foam into your coffee to taste pure frothy goodness! 

And there you have it! 3 amazing ways to froth without a Milk Frother. Any of these tips will surely help you achieve your frothy goals! And if you’re in the market for a French Press, a Portable Blender, an Espresso Maker or a Milk Frother (yes, that’s right!), shop from our Coffee Collection today! You can also check out our recipe blogs to find the best homemade latte recipes and other coffee drinks to make at home!

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chuck lamar

chuck lamar

You guys are amazing…offering a frothing method that does not promote your product! I have been using your frothers for a long time to bring my wife a latte in bed every morning, and I keep an extra frother in our camper so I don’t miss a day.
But when we go visiting overnight to our kids’ homes, I always forget to take the frother…and I have used both the “shake in a jar” and french press methods, finishing in the microwave.
I really like the rechargeable version, as plugging it in once a week is so much easier (and less expensive that changing batteries!) I’m about to buy another rechargeable frother to keep in my overnight bag!
Your customer service and ridiculous lifetime warranty are the best!!

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