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Working Late Nights With Kelsey And The Zulay Moka Pot

Whether you are working from home or in the office, there is always one common denominator -- coffee. So how do you make coffee that has the same quality as a coffee shop? Well, Kelsey, has an answer to your question. Kelsey is a true blue Southern girl who loves antiques and designing. She was always in a hunt for the right amount of caffeine now that she is working from home until late nights. She achieved the perfect coffee to water ratio with the help of the Zulay Kitchen's Moka Pot. The Zulay Kitchen's Moka Pot is made with premium quality, durable cast aluminum body with pressure valve for higher caffeine extraction and flavor. So if you are like Kelsey who wants the right amount of caffeine while working from home, then go grab the Moka Pot because here at Zulay Kitchen, we provide the ultimate kitchen happiness!

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#ad #sponsored Who cannot live without their caffeine?! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. If you are like me and work nights, caffeine is your best friend. The @zulay_kitchen Italian-Style Espresso Maker is awesome and so simple to use! Simply add water, coffee, and pop on the stovetop! And the best part? It makes 5.5 cups! Um YES please. It’s seriously my new favorite gadget I use day to day. Now BRB while I go get my espresso on.😜 . . . #kitchendecor #vintage #homedecor #farmhouseinspired #farmhousedesign #farmhousekitchen #southernlivingmag #espressomaker #farmhousehome #farmhouseinspired #countrylivingmag #vintagefarmhouse #coffee #rustic #countryliving #shabbychic #southernliving #rusticdecor #antiques #antiquedecor #farmhousestyle #antique #kitchen #espresso #springdecor #farmhouseliving #farmhouse #farmhouselife #farmhousedecorating

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