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Destress with Lauren using Zulay Kitchen Lemon Squeezer and Cocktail Shaker!

March has ended and it was one of the most stressful month. We had to adhere to major life adjustments like social distancing, staying at home and avoiding social gatherings. With this, there are a lot of things that we miss and one thing on our list is going on a night out or drinking your favorite cocktail drink. Just like Lauren, after a stressful day at the virtual office, she craved for a little drink to destress, so she grabbed her Zulay Kitchen's Lemon Squeezer and made herself a spicy margarita. A great way to cap the day plus not spending a dime in a bar. If that's not convincing for you then try it for yourself, make sure to grab your Zulay Kitchen Lemon Squeezer while you're at it!


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