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Alisha Can't Live Without Her Zulay Kitchen Tongs!

Alisha Can't Live Without Her Zulay Kitchen Tongs!

We all have those special kitchen tools that we just cannot live without. Maybe it's your pots, your pans, or your knife set, but for our content collaborator, Alisha, it's her kitchen tongs. When tragedy struck and her favorite kitchen tongs broke, she turned to Zulay Kitchen for something new. She now uses the Zulay Kitchen Premium Set of Stainless Steel Tongs which has become her latest must have item! Alisha praises on Instagram, "These tongs from Zulay Kitchen have met all my needs and exceeded my expectations. You get two sets of tongs in different sizes to help with whatever you are serving or grilling and they are so affordable." Looking for your ideal pair of tongs? Head over to Zulay Kitchen and we assure you this will be your next favorite kitchen tool too!


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