5 Reasons
Coffee Lovers Are
Upgrading to the MAGIA

"The best superautomatic I've ever owned,
my wife told me she couldn't imagine
living without it." ❤️

1. It makes 20 specialty drinks — at the touch of a button!

Cappucino, cortado, flat white, latte — mix it up easily with the Magia's huge menu. And even customize the strength of each! The Magia was created to be simple, fast & it even cleans itself.

2. Grinding fresh beans makes all the difference — forget pods or driving to Starbucks!

The biggest factor in the quality of your coffee is how freshly you ground the beans. Coffee pods just can't compete with the Magia on quality (and aren't a very sustainable method either).

Did you know chains like Starbucks slightly burn their coffee to make the taste consistent? No more of that!

3. The Ultimate Money Saver

Tired of shelling out big bucks for a mediocre coffee at chains like Starbucks? Save thousands each year, elevate your morning experience & save tons of time too!

4. It outperforms machines that cost thousands.

The Magia does everything more expensive machines do — except break and frustrate you. Save hundreds (or thousands) and fall in love with the reliability of the Magia.

5. Zulay offers a truly lifetime warranty.

All Magia machines come with a lifetime warranty so you know you can count on her for life. 

We love coffee, so
we thought of everything.

Brew for you & yours simultaneously. 

Join thousands who've
upgraded the right way.

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