Zulay Coffee Espresso Machines - Refurbished

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It's Time To Start Making Coffee Your Way!

This espresso maker is built with a high-tech brewing system that lets you select the temperature, hot milk foam, and the volume of milk and coffee. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the 7-inch high-resolution screen built with a user-friendly interface is super simple to use. You can also save your preferred settings in up to 10 personalized individual profiles for future use!

Why Choose A Refurbished Espresso Machine?

Discover the exceptional value of our refurbished espresso machine, the Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine. This top-tier refurbished coffee machine delivers the same superior performance and rich, aromatic brews you'd expect from a brand-new machine. Choosing a refurbished espresso machine is a savvy decision, offering a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.

Our refurbished Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine undergoes rigorous testing and restoration, ensuring it meets our high standards. By selecting a refurbished espresso machine, you contribute to sustainable practices by giving a pre-loved appliance a new lease on life. Embrace the excellence of a professionally refurbished espresso machine, bringing the joy of exceptional coffee into your home.


  • YOUR PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL BARISTA: Save yourself a lot of money by having your favorite Coffee done with an easy push of a button every day at home. This One-of-a-Kind Espresso Maker is designed with a range of 20 different Coffee Recipes, serving you with a glass of perfection every time! Easily choose from Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos, Espressos, Flat Whites, Macchiatos and many, many more! All exactly the way you want it!
  • STRESS-FREE, HASSLE-FREE OPERATION: The Magia Super Automatic Espresso Machine is specially designed with a wide array of amazing functions and features, such as a 19-bar Italian Pump, Wide 7-inch High Resolution Touchscreen, 8.8oz Bean Storage Container, 1800ml water capacity tank, cup warmer plate and 18 preloaded special coffee recipes. A cup of delicious coffee has never been THIS simple!
  • FULLY PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOMIZABLE: Built with the most sophisticated, revolutionary brewing technology money can buy. The high-tech software allows you to customize the amount of coffee, temperature, and hot milk foam settings laid out in a user-friendly interface and large 7-inch screen perfect for both beginners and experts. You can even save these settings in 10 personalized individual profiles for future use. Make your perfect coffee, your way, every time. PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemical(s) known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

DISCLAIMER: Refurbished products are not covered by our warranty.


Coffee Bean Container
Water Tank
Control Panel
Drip Tray
Coffee Bean Grinder

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it come with milk container shown in the picture?

    Hi there! Unfortunately, the milk container is not included in this model. Our White Magia does. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • What is warranty on refurbished machines? What is the return period?

    Hello! Refurbished machines come with a 30-day warranty for returns and repairs. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Can you controle the water temperature and make green tea ? Do you have a Caffé mocha option ?

    Hi there! Yes, you can modify the water temperature. Unfortunately, we do not have Cafe Mocha. These are the current options:

    Double Espresso
    Long Espresso
    Double Cappuccino
    Double Latte
    Flat White
    Double Flat White
    Cafe Macchiato
    Double Cafe Macchiato
    Milk Coffee

    Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Does the refurbished machine come with the milk froth attachment?

    Hi there! Yes, it does. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Hi zulay : I want to know the refurbished espressos Machine, already use how many months the buyer returned, those are machine still good like new and clean, ? thank you

    Hello there! Unfortunately, we cannot confirm it. The duration can vary and may range from a few weeks to a couple of months. Rest assured, the machine has been checked and meets all quality standards. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Can you add ground coffee to it or tell it to bypass grinding beans? Ir can you easily remove the beans and swap them for decaffeinated beans when you want to make both caffeinated and decaffeinated?

    Hello there! Yes, you can use ground coffee. Please refer to the image below.

    If you want to remove the beans, reove the 4 screws and use a vacuum cleaner.

    Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Is the white refurbished caming with milk container

    Hi there! Yes, it does come with it. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Can the milk frother/steam feature be used with milk alternatives such as almond, oat and coconut milks?

    Hi Tawnee, Yes this machine can froth all types of milk, including plant based milks!

  • Is the milk frother inside the machine?

    Hello! Yes there is a Milk Frother in the machine to make Cappuccinos, Lattes, etc.

  • What are the 20 different specialty drinks it offers?

    Hi there, The specialty drinks include Espresso, Ristretto, Long Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Cortado and its doubles.

  • Hi, I want to use this for my restaurant coffee section, but which cup sizes do I purchase? How do I know how much coffee come out of each selection?

    Hi! The maximum height of the cup that you can use is 5.7 inches and the amount of coffee is fully customizable. However, our machines are manufactured for home use and are not recommened or certified for commercial use.

  • Hi! I would like to ask if the set includes a milk container and a connecting tube. If not, where can I buy it and at what price?

    Hi, I'm afraid the milk jug isn't included for this model. For now, we don't sell the milk jug separately. However we may do so in the near future. Just keep posted on our website so you’ll be the first to get your hands on the items you’d like!

  • Does this machine have a pre ground coffee option?

    Absolutely! You can add your pre-ground coffee in the chute. Make sure to only add one scoop at a time!

  • Does the machine make regular coffee

    Hi Mike, The Magia comes with 19 specialty drinks with fully customizable recipes.

  • I am interested in the refurbished ZULAY MAGIA SUPER AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE. However a 30 day warranty is not sufficient. Do you offer an extended warranty?

    Hi Kevin, We do not offer an extended warranty on the refurbished models. If you would like a longer warranty, our new models come with a one-year warranty.

  • I did a taste testing on and was looking at a Jura Ena 8 and when I saw this unit, it interest me enough to reconsider my position for its features and price point! I know you get what you pay for but this seems like a great value! Is the warranty of a refurb the same as a brand new unit and what is the likelihood of a refurb needing, well, another refurb? And if I'm not happy with it, what is the return policy? Also, the reviews say you lack a users manual, how would know how to care for it and clean (Milk away)) properly? Please advise and if I'm satisfied with your response, I'll give this product a try! Respectfully, Dgolden

    We appreciate your interest in our product and reaching out to us. Brand new Magia has a one year limited warranty For refurbished units, we have 30-day warranty to replace/refund and has lifetime support on parts replacement. A user's manual in PDF is easily accessible and can be downloaded at any time. Please let us know if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

  • Does any of your models come with water line connection

    Hi there, Unfortunately, there is no option to add a direct water line to the Magia but we may come up with one on our future models.

  • Hello, is there a warranty for this coffee machine? ZULAY MAGIA SUPER AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE - REFURBISHED

    Hi there, we currently offer a 30-day limited warranty for the refurbished Magia and lifetime support for the machine. As for the new Magia, here is the link for the warranty.

  • Is the milk container device shown with the white machine that's $800 something compatible with this machine as an add-on accessory?

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us! Yes it is compatible but it is not currently available for individual sale.

  • What is the warranty for the refurbished magia espresso maker?

    Hi there, we currently offer a 30-day limited warranty for the refurbished Magia and lifetime support for the machine. As for the new Magia, here is the link for the warranty.