Saving the Planet with Katelyn Arnae and Zulay Kitchen's Silicone Bags!

Saving the Planet with Katelyn Arnae and Zulay Kitchen's Silicone Bags! - Zulay Kitchen
Doing your part in saving the world does not only mean staying at home during this pandemic but also making sure that you are conscious of reducing your carbon footprint. That is what Katelyn Arnae is concerned about. As a new mom, she strives to make sure that her kids would have a beautiful world to live in, like seeing trees in the park, the smell of fresh air and most importantly lesser pollution. So when she discovered the Zulay Kitchen's Silicone Food Bag, she was so excited to get her hands on them! It can store leftover fruits, vegetables, and even soup. It also saves counter space in your fridge. The Zulay Kitchen Silicone Food Bag is durable, airtight and leak-proof design. This is going to be your best bet!
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#AD #Sponsored | @zulay_kitchen Reusable Food Storage Bags • “protect your food & your planet” • leak proof • durable • easy to clean • stain resistant • toxic free & BPA free • also y’all you can put anything in these lovely bags from fruits & veggies to soups! They’re really easy to use and my fruit as lasted so long in these bags- also the fact that they’re clear is so convenient so I can easily see what’s inside 😍 Being eco friend is really important to me & something I want to pass on to Weston, caring for the earth is something we should all do our part in, it’s our home 🤍 #pnwmotherhood #westonfisher #zulaykitchen #eatyourfruitsandveggies #kitchen #kitchenorganization #kitchenequipment #honestmotherhood #momlifestyle

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