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Simple Craft 3 Pack Fly Swatters Heavy Duty Set - 17.5-Inch Extra Long Fly Swatter with Wide Grid Hole Design - Lightweight Flexible Flyswatter for Indoor & Outdoor Use (3 Colors)


  • Strike First & Strike Hard: It’s almost impossible to sneak up on a fly without being seen. But thanks to its grid design, hitting a fast-moving target such as a fly has never been easier. With its reduced air resistance and wide swatter surface, your target won’t know what hit them.
  • Strong & Lightweight Paddle: Tired of having unwelcome guests flying around? Take back your home and eliminate those little flies with the help of the Simple Craft Fly Swatter. Made of high-quality lightweight material, you can now annihilate those little buggers in no time!
  • 3 Piece Pack: This budget-friendly 3 piece set comes in bright beautiful colors. Perfect to use during barbecue gatherings at home, picnics, camping, or any outdoor activity with food involved.
  • Durable Long Handle: Instantly get rid of flies and swat away when they come buzzing. Its long durable handle makes it easy to use even at a distance, allowing you to swiftly swat from left to right.
  • Easy To Clean & Store: The combination of a nice wide head and the right amount of flex makes this swatter an effective tool for dealing with house flies. Not to mention the easy clean up that can be done with a little soap and water. Designed with a built-in hanging hole for convenient storage.