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Cast Iron Skillet


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  • CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT WILL LAST FOR DECADES Made with heavy-duty and long-lasting high-quality iron. Crafted to be extremely durable and does a better job at distributing and maintaining heat than other pans. Designed with a perfectly sized 12.5-inch wide diameter allowing an ample cooking space. You can now cook right out of the box thanks to the 2 pre-seasoned oil-based layers. Compatible with oven, stove, grill, or over a campfire. Dimension: 17 x 12.5 x 2.3 inches.
  • SUPERIOR HEAT CONDUCTION This cast-iron skillet distributes heat evenly and has a high resistance to hot temperatures. Known for its very dense and sturdy construction, it is nearly impossible to damage making it a long-lasting everyday pan for your kitchen. It is second to none when it comes to holding on to heat and can retain temperature for long periods of time allowing food to cook faster and evenly. A clear favorite amongst professionals and home cooks alike.
  • GO-TO-PAN FOR EVERYTHING This heavy-duty and sturdy skillet weighs 7.2 pounds and is designed with an ergonomic handle along with a robust assist handle for easy two-hand operation. It is ideal for searing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting, frying sautéing meats, vegetables, and more. You can also use metal spatulas, tongs, knives in it as it is virtually indestructible. Perfect for everyday kitchen recipes whether its steak, pasta, scrambled eggs, chicken, and more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN Wipe the interior surface of the still-warm skillet with a paper towel to remove any excess food and oil. Rinse under running warm water, use a brush and salt to remove any traces of food. Dry it thoroughly with a towel or on the stove over low heat. Lastly, use a cloth or paper towel and pour or spray a little oil on the skillet wiping it around all over the pan before storing it in a dry place.
  • NO HASSLE, KITCHEN HAPPINESS ZULAY GUARANTEE We love and take pride in our Pre Seasoned Cast Iron and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have the confidence that this product will last, if there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations, guaranteed. If it does not, we got you covered. Chances are, you will never need to reach out!