Italian Style Espresso Maker

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  • What size is silicone gasket fits the Zulay 8 espresso pot and where can I purchase one?

    Hi there, If you require one, please email us at and we can definitely sort this out. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Please tell me where this pot is pot I have read everything and cannot find where it’s made also why do I sell it if it has chemicals in it that can cause cancer.

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us! It's manufactured in China, but we re-assure the quality by having USA based inspections for quality and safety. We also make sure we comply with all USDA and all international regulations/standards.

  • is this expresso pot definitely capable of working on an induction top range?

    Hi Constantine! Yes, the Italian Style Espresso Maker works on an induction plate as well as on an electric or gas stovetop. Thanks!