Carmen Uses Our Splatter Screen To Make Delicious Empanadas!

Carmen Uses Our Splatter Screen To Make Delicious Empanadas! - Zulay Kitchen

Our creative partner Carmen is a busy mom who appreciates the value of home cooking. Her abuela always made tasty home-cooked meals, and now Carmen is following in her footsteps with her own kids. Check out how she's using the Zulay Kitchen Splatter Screen to keep her skin free of burns while frying up some empanadas! With our Splatter Screen, you can focus more on the food in your pan instead of what's flying out of it. Check out all of our basic kitchen necessities in our Essentials Collection!

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I loved all your recipes you shared on the previous post!! Growing up my abuela made incredible food that I didn’t always appreciate. Our house always smelled like arroz con pollo, pasteles, or plátanos. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the deep connection between the meals made and preserving our culture. Learning to cook those same meals along with new favorites have been a personal goal. [ad] It was so great to partner with @zulay_kitchen while we made empanadas! From milk frothers to sustainable cooking utensils, Zulay Kitchen is a wonderful family owned business that provides quality budget friendly and time saving kitchen items. See how their Splatter Screen made this round of empanadas the best yet 😋

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