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Zulay Home Anti Fatigue Mat - Thick Cushioned Non Slip Foam


  • Helps Improve Posture: Designed with a beveled edge and rubber base to prevent the mat from slipping or sliding; making it an effective support for your feet and ankles by reducing the fatigue on your joints and muscles when standing up for hours. It is anti-skid and anti-static.
  • Stand With Comfort: The heavy duty padding features a 3.75 inch extra thick cushion that cradles the feet comfortably giving your footing the perfect amount of support that it needs by relieving spinal pressure, easing lower back pain, and improving blood flow.
  • Fatigue Reduction Core: Designed to reduce fatigue, provide relief, and ease discomfort to your back, legs, and feet from standing on hard surfaces. You can now do activities like washing the dishes, folding laundry, and working at the office without the strain!
  • Easy To Clean Surface: This cushioned kitchen mat is constructed with PVC outer lining that makes cleaning effortless courtesy of its water and stain resistant material. Simply clean with soap and water.
  • Zulay Home Lifetime Guarantee: You deserve the best of what life has to offer! Experience only the utmost convenience and quality assurance with every purchase. If ever you are not satisfied or have any concerns with our clear soap dispenser, feel free to contact us and we will respond - for life!