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Drawer & Shelf Liner


  • Open Weave Construction
  • Imported
  • KEEP DRAWERS & SHELVES PROTECTED Protect your shelves and kitchenware from scratches with the Zulay Kitchen Drawer and Shelf Liner. Made from BPA free material that is strong and durable, it is specially designed to help prevent your precious shelves, drawers, and countertops from damage when storing away utensils. Dimensions: 12" x 20 ft
  • INTEGRATED SOFT CUSHION LAYER Crafted with an open weave design that features an anti-slip function that lessens friction and slips. Perfect for storing fine china, glasses, plates, silverware, fragile items, and more. Thanks to its soft cushion texture, you can now securely organize your kitchenware with ease.
  • VERSATILE & ELEGANT DESIGN This drawer and shelf liner can also add an elegantly aesthetic touch to your kitchen cabinet, pantry, laundry room, bathroom, work station, office space, and more! Courtesy of its open weave design, it is designed to minimize and reduce noise when organizing items while protecting your drawer’s interior finish.
  • EASY TO CUT & INSTALL Its rectangular pattern construction allows you to easily trim your desired dimension. You have the freedom to cut whatever size you want to perfectly fit the surface of your shelves and drawers. The liner can be trimmed by using a household scissor. Note: Nonslip on most surfaces. If you experience slipping, simply use double-sided tape or reach out to us.
  • NO HASSLE, KITCHEN HAPPINESS ZULAY GUARANTEE We love and take pride in our Drawer and Shelf Liner and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have the confidence that this product will last. If there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations, guaranteed. If it does not, we got you covered. Chances are, you will never need to reach out!

Keep Drawers & Shelves Protected

  • Preserve and extend the life of your kitchen fixtures
  • BPA Free premium quality material
  • Strong & durable
  • Guarantees protection to your shelves, drawer, cabinet and pantry
  • Comes in different colors for you to choose from
  • Dimension: 12 x 20 inches

Integrated Soft Cushion Layer

  • Crafted with open weave construction
  • Anti-slip function
  • Protection from scratches on your shelves or drawers
  • Keeps your utensils, silverware, chinaware and fragile items in place
  • Grippy cushion texture

Versatile & Elegant

  • Highly versatile kitchen shelf liner or cabinet shelf liner
  • Adds an elegant aesthetic touch
  • Minimizes and reduces noise levels when organizing stuff
  • Protects the finish of your drawer bottom

Easy To Cut & Install

  • Note: Non slip on most surfaces.
  • Easy to trim drawer liner or cabinet liner
  • The liner can be trimmed by using a household scissor
  • If you experience slipping, simply use double sided tape or reach out to us
  • Unscented removable kitchen cabinet liners non slip or shelf liner non slip
  • Can be used at storage cabinet, kitchen storage , kitchen storage cabinet, kitchen shelf, storage shelf
  • Alternative to scented drawer liners, adhesive shelf liner, adhesive contact paper, adhesive shelf, clear contact paper
  • Alternative to self adhesive laminating sheets or cover