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Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea are the most important meal of the day to many people. We have searched high and low for the most useful items to support this habit and have created this collection for all of our fellow coffee and tea-loving friends out there. These are items that we use in our own kitchen and we believe they will make your daily coffee experience even better.

Coffee & Tea


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Zulay Magia Super Automatic Coffee Espresso Machine
Save 30%
Save 32%
Milk Boss Milk Frother With Stand
From $18.99 USD $27.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Handheld Titanium Motor Milk Frother (Without Stand) - Zulay Kitchen
Save 40%
Milk Boss Milk Frother (Without Stand)
From $14.99 USD $24.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Double Whisk Milk Frother - Black
Save 20%
Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher with Easy to Read Measurements - Zulay Kitchen
Save 23%
Frothing Pitcher
From $16.99 USD $21.99 USD
Classic Stovetop Italian Style Espresso Maker 2020 Model 3 cup Black
Save 7%
Italian Style Espresso Maker
From $24.99 USD $26.99 USD
High Powered Rechargeable Milk Frother - Zulay Kitchen
Save 17%
Rechargeable Milk Frother
$19.99 USD $23.99 USD
1 Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Save 16%
Cold brew coffee maker
From $50.99 USD $60.99 USD
Zulay Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker With Upgraded Holster Stand - Zulay Kitchen
Save 21%
Milk Frother With Holster Stand
$18.99 USD $23.99 USD
Save 22%
Milk Frother Set
$27.99 USD $35.99 USD
Save 24%
Tea Filter For Loose Tea
$12.99 USD $16.99 USD
Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter - Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter Reusable - Zulay Kitchen
Save 23%
Save 13%
Stainless Steel Manual Burr Adjustable Coffee Grinder - Zulay Kitchen
Sold Out
High Powered Handheld Frother and Milk Foamer for Coffee with Protective Cover, Portable & Ideal for Travel - Zulay Kitchen
Save 31%
Save 24%
Save 31%
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Coffee Canister
$38.99 USD $40.99 USD
Plastic Stencils for Latte Art 16 Pack - Zulay Kitchen
Save 23%
Save 28%
One Touch 2020 Milk Frother Black
Save 35%
One Touch Milk Frother
$16.99 USD $25.99 USD
MilkBoss Milk Frother With16-PieceStencils -BLACK
Save 27%
Save 24%
Sold Out
Sold Out
Italian Espresso Maker 2019 Model - Zulay Kitchen
Milk Frother OG Matte Sky Blue
Save 32%
Classic Milk Frother With Stand
$18.99 USD $27.99 USD
Zulay Kitchen Black PRO Milk Frother
Sold Out
Save 32%
Zulay Kitchen Reusable K Cups
Save 25%
Skinny Milk Frother
$17.99 USD $23.99 USD
Sold Out
Liquid Stevia Drops - Zulay Kitchen
Paperless Coffee Filter
Zulay Kitchen Premium Urn
Save 16%
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