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Tishanna Using The Zulay Reusable Food Bag With People That Matter

Tishanna Using The Zulay Reusable Food Bag With People That Matter

While everyone is looking forward to the day that they can get back to their normal lives, Tishanna is looking at it from a different perspective. Tishanna is a mother of 10 and while she misses the idea of getting back to the hustle and the fast-paced life that she is used to, she is now seeing what is really essential in her life, her family. She now has time for the small things that her family needs, may it be playing board games, baking a loaf of bread, or simply reusing silicone food bags using the Zulay Kitchen's Reusable Silicone Bags. She makes sure she spends every moment with the people that matter. So we may be looking at this situation as a curse but don't forget to look at the positive side, the world is healing and we now have time for the people that really matter.

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These slow days got me thinking about what's truly "essential." Although I truly miss going to the park, thrifting, and just going out in general, everything that we have and need are already at home. It's like we've almost went backwards and started using reusable cloths as napkins and TP, cloth diapering, making home baked bread, and playing good 'ole board games again... something our fast-paced society made us forget because we were always busy. In this season of life, although very unpredictable atm, has truly humbled me and made me grateful of what we already have. In essence, what I have at home is all I essentially need... my family and my faith. 💞 • • • • • @zulay_kitchen has reusable silicone bags that are BPA-free, microwave/dishwasher/freezer-safe, and great quality! Check out their website for a plethora of great products! #ad #sponsored

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