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Sunny Friday With Emily And The Zulay Collapsible Straw

Nowadays, we sometimes can't distinguish the weekdays from the weekends and all the days that seem to be like a blur, but if you want a tip to change the way you look at Fridays then, Emily just has the perfect advice for you. Emily is a blogger, a Peanut Butter lover, and always has the advice for looking at the bright side of things. Now for the tip? Well, you're in luck because all you need are two things, First you need a glass of strawberry lemonade, and second is the Collapsible Straw from Zulay Kitchen. You will feel refreshed and will definitely have a proud moment as you use something that saves mother earth. So if you want to do your part in saving the world and the turtles, then grab the Zulay Kitchen Collapsible Straw.


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