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Stay Hydrated With Zulay Collapsible Straw Like Emily Spence!

Summertime has arrived as well as the summer heat so that means keeping yourself more hydrated is important. Getting hydrated when you're out and about is as important as staying hydrated even if you are just at home. I don't think you are that shocked although a pro tip from Emily Spence on how to make it even easier is something that you should probably need to hear. Say that you had lemon water and it's too cold but you need to drink it to make sure that you get hydrated so what do you do? Like Emily, she grabbed her Zulay Kitchen Collapsible Straw! A handy straw that can extend for taller glasses and adjust for smaller ones. It may be something small but can drastically change your water intake. So go hurry up and get yourself a Collapsible Straw for the ultimate drinking happiness!


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