Spend 4th of July With The Zulay Silicone Utensil Set And Kelly Collins!

Spend 4th of July With The Zulay Silicone Utensil Set And Kelly Collins! - Zulay Kitchen

The 4th of July is one of the most awaited holiday of the year. Aside from the fact that it is the day that we celebrate our Independence, it is also the day where fireworks fills the sky while family and friends gather over a barbecued meal. So with all this being said, how do you start your 4th of July early in the morning? Well, Kelly Collins has a tip for you and it involves the Silicone Utensil Set from Zulay Kitchen. This year, Kelly made her kids a United States flag-themed pancakes by adding her kids' favorite red and blue fruits. With all that prepping and cooking, the Zulay Kitchen Silicone Utensil Set was a huge help for Kelly as all the utensil she needs is in one great set. If you want to feel extra patriotic at any day of the year, then all you need to do is start cooking with the Zulay Kitchen Silicone Utensil Set!

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#AD Fun Fact: The 4th of July is my favorite holiday! We always do a themed pancake or waffle bar where the kids can add lots of red and blue fruit and toppings🇺🇸. With the help of @zulay_kitchen I whipped up a fun patriotic breakfast to kick off our holiday weekend! Not only are their Silicone Utensil set sleek and stylish (I love the Natural wood handles and heat resistant silicone), but they are so easy to cook with and clean! If you haven’t checked out @zulay_kitchen you should, they are a family owned, have amazing customer service and make amazing products (I also have their milk frother and grilling tongs set) . Shop➡️ . . #zulay #zulaykitchen #zulaykitcheninfluencer #independanceday #4thofjuly #kitchengadgets

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