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How Much Coffee Do You Need? Asked By Brittany When She Used The Zulay Milk Frother

If there is one question that we constantly ask ourselves, it's how much coffee do we need in a day? We can't answer for everyone but if there is one thing that we know is that, Brittany knows a secret on how you can want coffee ten times more than you already want! We don't recommend drinking coffee more than your usual, but if you wanna spice things up a little bit, here's a tip. First, grab your favorite coffee then pour half of it in your cup. Second, grab your milk then pour about 1/4 in a separate cup. Finally, froth your milk with the best Milk Frother in the market, Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss Milk Frother, until it doubles or triples in quantity. Now, you got yourself a coffee that would make you want more than you already want it, and for non-coffee lovers, this will convert you to a coffee lover quickly. So we hope everyone enjoys their coffee with the Milk Boss Frother!


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