Get Comfortable like Jennifer on the Zulay Kid's Knife Set!

Get Comfortable like Jennifer on the Zulay Kid's Knife Set! - Zulay Kitchen
Now that we are on a stay at home order, we find ways to make ourselves entertained, may it be mastering arts and crafts or creating fun activities with the kids. These are just some of the options that we can do while at home. However, these activities can be very limited, we exclude specific parts of the house like the kitchen as there are a lot of sharp things. Like most of us, Jennifer had a hard time introducing the kitchen to her kids but when she found out about the Zulay Kitchen's Kids Knife Set she immediately found a way to incorporate the kid's activities in the kitchen. She started to let them help her cutting the fruits and vegetables and she does not have to worry about them getting hurt. So if you're a parent that is wanting to teach your kids skills that they can use in their adult lives, then grab the Zulay Kitchen's Kids Knife Set because as they say "A Happy Kids means a Happy Kitchen".
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Look at that face! Such concentration! Let's be honest, though! Little kids in the kitchen can sometimes be stressful. BUT, I want my kiddos to be comfortable in the kitchen, to learn cooking skills, and to feel like their work is important and valued! Plus, it keeps them busy and out of trouble!๐Ÿ˜‰ Simple things like letting them measure and pour ingredients, setting the table, emptying the silverware basket from the dishwasher, stirring the batter, and the all time favorite, cutting up fruits and veggies are some of the things we do! In the past, cutting fruits and veggies gas been a little tricky because knives are so sharp and butter knives don't always do the job! I absolutely LOVE these kid safe nylon knives from @zulay_kitchen ! The edge is serrated and the rubber handle keeps it from slipping, making it easy cut soft fruits and veggies. The blunt tip keeps accidents at bay! This mama was super happy to hand this knife set over and let little man cut up potatoes for dinner! Plus, the price is amazing and you can grab it off Zulay Kitchen's website!! Holla! So about you?! What are some of the things your kiddos love to do in the kitchen?! . . . . . . #ad #kidsinthekitchen #farmhouseliving #farmhousekitchen #boymom #teachthemdiligently #kidscook #southernliving #countryliving #letthembelittle #honestmotherhood #hobbylobby #kirklands #joanns #pioneerwoman #deltafaucet #georgialiving #simplelife #largefamily #raisingarrows

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