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Emerie and Jaxon Slicing Brownies using the Zulay Kid's Knife Set!

Emerie and Jaxon Slicing Brownies using the Zulay Kid's Knife Set!

As kids, we were all curious and eager to discover the world. However, because of all the harm that we might experience when exploring new things, we can be very susceptible to getting hurt. Emerie and Jaxon are no exception to all these. They are mini influencers cataloging their lives with the help of the grown-ups, so when they were out one hot day, they were eager to try the Zulay Kitchen's Kids Knife Set. The grown-ups brought a piece of brownie and because of the curiosity, they wanted to try slicing it and now it's possible with the Zulay Kitchen's Kids Knife Set. Life is beautiful when we are kids, but it's also important to teach life skills. If you're a parent looking into a no worry kitchen then grab the Zulay Kitchen's Kids Knife Set now available in the colors Red and Green.
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#AD My kiddos love helping in the kitchen and I’ve found we’ve been doing a lot more baking since we’ve been home all day. It can be hard finding things they can actually help with though where I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. These children’s knives from @zulay_kitchen are absolutely perfect for those times. I feel completely comfortable letting Emmy cut up a treat or a fruit (supervised of course!) and she feels so grown up using them! Jax isn’t quite coordinated enough to try, but we’ll have them for when he is ready! Thank you @zulay_kitchen for helping us make baking a family affair! . . . 🍪 #discoverunder10k #miniinfluencers #zulaykitchen #baking #familytime #stayhome #stayhomestayafe #quarentineactivities #familybaking #kidsinthekitchen ##kidsbakingcookies #stayhomesavelives #preschooltreats #quarentineactivitiesforkids #quarentineandchill #picnic #picnictreats #familiesinthekitchen #cookingskills #bakingskills #teachthemyoung #lifeskills #lifeskillsforkids #cookies #cookiebaking #kidsbaking #gifted #collab

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