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Elizabeth As A Full Time Cafeteria In Her Kitchen With The Help Of Her Kid Using The Zulay Kids Knife Set

Since we all mostly stay at home now, we get to spend more time with our family and have longer conversations but at the same time you can find yourself always in the kitchen as you become the resident cook. With that said, we now have double the dirty dishes, double the cooking, even double the things that needs to be sliced. However, we can always turn this to a family experience and what you need is a kid-friendly kitchen tools! Elizabeth Lucht discovered the Kids Knife Set from Zulay Kitchen. She is still able to bond with the kids, teach them how to cut some fruits and cut her time in the kitchen as she now has a helping hand! So if you wanna enjoy the fact that you are now officially the lunch lady for your kids, then grab the Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife Set to make Kitchen Time a Happy Time!

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Anyone else’s dishwasher deserve a major 🏆 or vacation after all this quarantining is over? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . It’s no surprise to me. With fewer meals out and more home-cooked meals, our kitchen feels like it’s been running non-stop. Let’s just add full-time cafeteria lady to my resumé 😅. . One of the major silver linings has been having the kids get a bit more involved (as much as my sanity can handle, #tbh 😜). Ezra has been helping put clean utensils and kid dishes away, and Aria’s been learning some knife skills with some safety knives from @zulay_kitchen. 👍🏻 . The knives come with a blunt tip and serrated edge with an ergonomic handle, so it’s easy to use whether you have small or big hands! 👏🏻 . I love Aria’s “trying so hard” face in the first shot 😂🥰. Sidenote: It’s a win when learning a new skill means your kiddo is prepping their own snack 🙌🏻. . . . . . #ad #sponsored #zulaykitchen #kitchenhappiness #momlife #toddlerskills #quarantinekitchen #momhacks #toddlerlife #safetyknives #teachthemyoung #kitchenhelpers #snacktime #friyay #momsofinstagram #momsofdallas #toddlerhelper #toddlersinthekitchen #toddlersofinsta #toddlerlife #lifeskills

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