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Clear Your Mind Despite the Chaos with Kayona Murphy

Clear Your Mind Despite the Chaos with Kayona Murphy

On a normal day, we stay at home to rest and relax, however, with the past few days, we are required to stay at home to help save humanity. With the chaos going on around the world, it's hard to relax and clear your mind. Kayona Murphy is one of the few that is scared of what the future might hold for her daughter, so rather than thinking about what is happening all the time, she keeps herself busy and hydrated in the tastiest way possible! She uses Zulay Kitchen's Infuser Water Bottle every single day. She gets her favorite citrus flavored fruit slices and inserts it in the fruit infuser that is in the middle of the water bottle. Even with all the time she has now, she can reserve more for the people that matter the most with the help of Zulay Kitchen's Infuser Water Bottle.


 Follow Kayona Murphy on Instagram -- @onceupondisneymom

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