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Cathy Rose Drinks The Perfect Espresso Using Zulay Moka Pot!

Cathy Rose, a loving Mother, movie lover, and a coffee enthusiast who got a hold of the Zulay Kitchen Moka Pot and it became one of an adventure for her. She always wanted to be the best that she can in any situation and like one of her favorite movie quotes about a Soccer Dad, "Coffee is the life-blood that fuels the dreams of champions" she makes sure she always gets the best coffee there is to find. However, the best coffee not only relies on the coffee beans but also the device you used to make coffee. So, when she got the Moka Pot from Zulay Kitchen, it was an adventure she was enthusiastically taking. You can also be like Cathy Rose and enjoy the adventure of making the best espresso with the help of Zulay Kitchen's Moka Pot.


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