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Ashley Vanlerberg with Zulay Kitchen's Apple Corer

Ashley Vanlerberg with Zulay Kitchen's Apple Corer

A simple product could go a long way with the right people. Take Ashley for example, when asked to pick from an array of products, she was excited to choose the Zulay Kitchen's Apple Corer. Living with a family that's a sucker for fruits, a corer is a dream come true! Now the best part about the experience is not only does she get to have a kitchen gadget that fits her needs, but to have Zulay Kitchen's Apple Corer be the Corer of her dreams! So if you're wondering next time where you can get the best Apple Corer then look no further as Zulay Kitchen's got your back. If you don't take our word for it then maybe see how flawlessly it worked for Ashley and her family!


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